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Welcome to AudioMulch

Welcome to AudioMulch! In this module we introduce you to what AudioMulch is and what you can use it for. We link to the sections of this Help File that will help you to get started using AudioMulch. You'll find links to a number of other resources including tutorials and online material. We explain how to get help while using the program and suggest other things to try once you've learned the basics. You'll also find links to online communities so you can connect with other users and learn more from them.

What is AudioMulch?

AudioMulch is real-time audio software that lets you create and process sound for music performance, production and sound design. With AudioMulch, you can apply effects to alter live audio input and pre-recorded sounds. You can also use AudioMulch to create music with rhythmic and melodic patterns using audio samples and synthesized sounds.

In AudioMulch there are individual sound generating and processing modules called contraptions. By connecting and combining these contraptions together, you create audio processing networks called patches. Every contraption has its own graphical interface with a range of controls that you can adjust to change the sound. Beyond these built-in contraptions, you can extend AudioMulch's capabilities by adding VST and VSTi plugins, and Audio Unit plugins on Macintosh.

You can create both pre-planned and more spontaneous forms of music with AudioMulch. If you're an improviser or want to perform live with AudioMulch, the real-time nature of the program lets you control the sound from moment to moment. You can also use MIDI controllers and the Metasurface to manipulate the program during performance. If you like composing in advance, AudioMulch's automation feature will help you do this.

AudioMulch has been used by musicians across a diverse range of styles, including industrial, pop, electronic dance music, ambient, electroacoustic and acousmatic composition. To find out about some of the musicians using the program, visit the AudioMulch web site and see the discography for a list of commercially released music made with AudioMulch.

Using this Help File

This Help File is a comprehensive guide to using AudioMulch. Navigate your way through it by clicking the Previous and Next buttons at the top of each page, clicking on embedded links, or by using the contents tree on the left.

There are several quick and easy ways to open the Help File while using AudioMulch. See How to Get Help While Using AudioMulch for more information.

Starting points

See these Help File pages to get started using AudioMulch:

Getting Started

Learn how to create contraptions and patches, how to hear audio, and get a brief introduction to some of the other key features of the program.

Video Tutorials at

Step through a series of online video tutorials designed to get beginners up and running quickly.

Guide to the Example Files

Explore the example files that come with AudioMulch. These files demonstrate the capabilities of the program by showing how various contraptions can work together.

What's New In This Version

Find out about new features and changes to existing functions in this version of AudioMulch.

Next steps

Once you've got the basics down we recommend that you learn about the following areas of AudioMulch:

Adjusting Contraption Properties

Learn the fundamentals of working with contraptions.

Working in the Patcher Pane

Learn to patch together contraptions using simple and more advanced methods.

Automation Overview

Learn how to pre-plan your composition by controlling AudioMulch parameters and presets on the automation timeline.

These Help File pages will teach you how to perform common AudioMulch tasks:

To learn how to See this Help File page
Get sound files into AudioMulch Loading Sound Files
Output audio to a file Export to Sound File
Record live to disk SoundOut, FileRecorder and MultiFileRecorder
Connect MIDI devices to AudioMulch to control contraption parameters and other features Controlling AudioMulch Parameters from MIDI
Synchronize a MIDI sequencer or external MIDI clock source with clock-based contraptions and parameters Synchronizing AudioMulch to Other MIDI Hardware and Software
Switch between AudioMulch documents Guide to the Document Switcher Window
Perform using live sound, and optimize performing with live sound. Optimizing Real-Time Performance
Change multiple contraption parameters at once, and move smoothly between snapshots of parameter settings, simply by moving the mouse. Metasurface

Learning more about AudioMulch online

The following links are from the AudioMulch web site. Here you can find out more about AudioMulch, get further advice on how to use it, and connect with online communities to discuss the program.

AudioMulch web site


Includes video tutorials for beginners and links to offsite tutorials.


Provides in-depth information for the more advanced user. Written by the creator of AudioMulch, Ross Bencina.


Provides answers to frequently asked questions.

AudioMulch forums

Discuss AudioMulch, get help, report bugs, request new features and share ideas with other users of the program.

Mulch-Discuss mailing list

Discuss AudioMulch, get help, report bugs, request new features and share ideas with other users of the program.


Find out who's used AudioMulch in commercial music releases.

Online communities

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • AudioMulch Twitter Twibe
  • AudioMulch on
  • AudioMulch YouTube Channel

Software updates

AudioMulch is regularly updated with improvements and new features. All version 2.x updates are available free to users who have purchased a version 2 license. See Checking for Software Updates for instructions on how to check for software updates.

Twitter and Facebook updates

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