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Adjusting Contraption Properties

Most contraptions have their own Property Editors; these are displayed in the Properties Pane. Property Editors have various controls on them that you adjust to change the sound. This section teaches you how to use contraption Property Editors to control contraptions.

Using Contraption Property Editors
This section shows you the basic operations on Property Editors such as opening, closing, moving. We also describe and explain the title bars of Property Editors, their buttons and shortcut menu.

Using Common Contraption Controls
Learn about about contraption controls such as knobs, sliders and number boxes, what they do, and how to use them.

Using the Parameter Shortcut Menu
Gain quick access to parameter options that allow you to type in a parameter value, automate a parameter, or set up MIDI parameter control.

Making Fine Adjustments to Parameter Values
Learn about ways to ways to accurately fine tune parameter values.

Editing Rhythmic Patterns
Some of AudioMulch's contraptions have rhythmic pattern editors, which you can use to create rhythmic and melodic patterns; we show you how.

Storing, Recalling and Managing Contraption Presets
Once you've adjusted a contraption's properties to make a sound you like you can store and recall the property settings using contraption presets.

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