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Using the Parameter Shortcut Menu

With the parameter shortcut menu you can gain quick access to parameter options that allow you to type in a parameter value, automate a parameter, or set up MIDI parameter control.

To open this shortcut menu:
  • Right-click (CTRL+left-click on a Macintosh) on a control (e.g. button, knob, slider, number editor up/down arrows) in the Property Editor to open the parameter shortcut menu.

You can then choose from the following menu items:

Set Value...

Opens the Set Value dialog box. In this box:

  1. Set an exact value by typing it in, or use the up/down arrows.
  2. Click OK to apply your changes.
Parameter Control Opens the Parameter Control window so you can map a contraption parameter to a MIDI control source or make changes to the parameter's mapping.
Quick-Map MIDI Control... Opens the Quick-Map MIDI Control dialog box so you can quickly map a contraption parameter to a MIDI control source.
Automate Opens an Automation Channel Panel for that parameter so you can control the parameter in a pre-planned way.

You can also access some of the above functions by double-clicking on a parameter's knob or slider as follows:

Set Value... Double-click
Parameter Control CTRL+double-click (COMMAND+double-click on Macintosh)
Quick-Map MIDI Control... ALT+double-click

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