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Further Reading

Below is a short list of books covering various aspects of making music with computers. You may find these useful to expand your understanding and use of AudioMulch. Books covering history, theory and technique are included. The Links section of the AudioMuch website contains a list of online resources that may also be useful.

Chadabe, J. 1997. Electric Sound: The Past and Promise of Electronic Music, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

Dodge, C. & Jerse, T. A. 1997. Computer Music : Synthesis, Composition, and Performance (2nd Edition), Schirmer Books.

Huber, D. & Runstein, R. 2005. Modern Recording Techniques (sixth edition), Focal Press.

Leider, C. N. 2004. Digital Audio Workstation, McGraw-Hill.

Miranda, E. 1998. Computer Sound Synthesis for the Electronic Musician, Focal Press.

Owsinski, B. 1999. The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, Mix Books, Vallejo, California.

Polansky, L. et al 2001. Music and Computers. Web Book.

Roads, C. 1996. The Computer Music Tutorial, MIT Press, Massachusetts.

Roads, C. 2002. Microsound, MIT Press.

Russ, M. 2003. Sound Synthesis and Sampling (2nd Edition), Focal Press.

Schafer, R. M. 1977. The Tuning of the World, Alfred A. Knopf, New York.

Toop, D. 2004. Haunted Weather : Music, Silence, and Memory, Serpent's Tail Publishing, London.

Wishart, T. 1994. Audible Design, Orpheus the Pantomime Ltd. York.

If your are interested in sampling some of the music created by others using AudioMulch a discography has been assembled at the AudioMulch web site (

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