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Working in the Patcher Pane

The Patcher Pane is one of the three main panes of the AudioMulch window. In the Patcher Pane you can do things such as creating and deleting contraptions, and connecting them together into patches. This section shows you different ways to perform these tasks and explains the various components of the Patcher Pane.

Creating and Deleting Contraptions
Learn about the different ways to create and delete contraptions, including using shortcut menus to do so, and ways to create and connect contraptions using a single gesture.

Contraption Inputs and Outputs
Learn about the different types of contraption inputs and outputs, information tooltips and activity indicators.

Ways to Connect and Disconnect Contraptions
Learn useful shortcuts for quickly connecting contraptions together, including creating multiple patch cords at once, reconnecting existing patch cords and inserting contraptions within existing signal paths.

Ways to Select Contraptions
Learn how to select and move contraptions.

Cutting, Copying and Pasting Contraptions
Learn how to use the cut, copy and paste functions.

Routing MIDI in the Patcher Pane
Learn how to route MIDI data using the Patcher Pane. This is useful when using VST and Audio Unit plugins.

Renaming Contraptions
Learn how to rename contraptions so you can identify them more easily.

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