What's Coming?

About the Future

This page used to be called “roadmap”. Roadmaps can have many purposes: to create a guiding vision for future development, to give a vague impression of what we think might happen, to try to get you to buy something that doesn't exist yet. We don’t want to publish those kind of roadmaps. We have tried not to include things here that might happen, even if we think they’re important or could be useful.

If you’d like to contribute to the discussion about what should be in future versions of AudioMulch, please post to the feature requests forum.

The next update to AudioMulch will be version 2.3. The feature set for 2.3 is not set in stone but we've given some details below.

We’re working on the following features:

  • Extend MIDI mapping implementation (NRPN support, improved note message support)
  • MIDI fader feedback
  • Cut, copy and paste of rhythmic patterns in contraption editors
  • Rework undo system, add undo for Metasurface edits
  • 64 bit executables on Windows and Mac

We started on the following items during the 2.2 development cycle and we'll continue working on them for 2.3:

  • Improve GUI performance
  • New contraptions

Please feel free to post to the feature requests forum if you'd like to discuss what's coming.

Right now we think these things are pretty important for the medium term, but no promises, we haven’t got to them yet:

  • Improve multichannel audio input/output configuration
  • Hot-plug audio device support
  • Improve input/output level meters
  • Import/export hardware settings or “hardware profiles”
  • Multi-core audio processing support