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Editing Rhythmic Patterns

Some contraptions in AudioMulch are beat based and allow you to set up rhythmic patterns. You do this by selecting units on grids, called rhythmic pattern editors. Contraptions that use rhythmic pattern editors include Drums, Bassline, Arpeggiator, and SouthPole. With Bassline and Arpeggiator, you can also create melodic sequences.

Editing pattern rhythms

Pattern editors deal with rhythmic events displayed on a grid. You can toggle events on and off by clicking on the pattern cells on the grid. Most pattern editors allow you to "paint" multiple cells by clicking and dragging over them. The Drums pattern editor works more like automation: you can drag drum hits by clicking and dragging.

Each contraption's pattern editor works differently, based on its specific use. Information about specific pattern editors is available in the Help File for the corresponding contraption.

Time signatures

Pattern editors have bar and beat numbers and divisions, which are indicated near the top of the pattern editor in the time ruler. They also have time signatures that you can change. To read more about how to change time signatures, see Time Signatures and Rhythmic Units.

Looping and changing the length of rhythmic patterns

Rhythmic patterns have a finite length, and loop at that length. You can, however, change the length of the pattern.

To change the length of a rhythmic pattern:
  1. Hold the mouse over the pattern end marker (the thick vertical line), located at the end of the pattern in the time ruler. A double-ended arrow will appear in the time ruler.

  2. Click and drag to the left to make the pattern shorter, or to the right to make it longer.

  3. Release the mouse button once you've chosen the new length. The area at the end of the pattern will be a different color (darker or lighter than the area containing the rhythmic pattern).

Zooming in and out

You can also zoom in and out along the horizontal (time) axis, so you can see the pattern editor at different resolutions.

Zoom in and out along the time axis using one of the following methods:
  • (A) Use the zoom in and zoom out buttons located at the bottom right of the pattern editor, on the right side of the horizontal scroll bar OR
  • (B) Click on the thin button located between the zoom in and zoom out buttons and drag the mouse horizontally (left and right) while holding the mouse button down to zoom in and out OR
  • (C) The horizontal scroll bar thumb has a small indentation at either end. Click one of these indentations with the mouse and drag horizontally (left and right) while holding the mouse button down to zoom in and out.

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