Release Notes

Each time we release an AudioMulch update we post the full list of changes here - including every little enhancement and bug fix. We always recommend you update your AudioMulch installation to the latest version.

Version 2.2.5

(28th March, 2016)

(Mac OS X Only)

AudioMulch version 2.2.5 is now available from the download page. This is a compatibility update for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and later. Please upgrade if you're running Mac OS X Yosemite, El Capitan, or later.

Windows users are not affected by this update. On Windows the latest AudioMulch version remains at 2.2.4.

Important Note: Due to changes made to the SSpat contraption in the 2.2.0 release, documents saved with AudioMulch 2.2 (or later) that use SSpat will not load correctly in AudioMulch 2.1. Users who wish to continue using these documents with AudioMulch 2.1 are advised to make backup copies for use with AudioMulch 2.1 before saving them with AudioMulch 2.2.

Changes in this release:

  • Mac (OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite and later): fixed crash when selecting a sound file with BubbleBlower, FilePlayer, LoopPlayer or Drums.

Version 2.2.4

(14th July, 2013)

This update fixes several crashes and bugs in the LoopPlayer and LiveLooper contraptions, Audio Unit hosting and Network Synchronization. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed LoopPlayer bug where a muted LoopPlayer would sometimes start unmuted until the beginning of the next bar. This happened if a document was first played starting from anywhere other than the start of a bar (including when synced to MIDI or Network Sync).
  • Fixed extremely distorted audio when using over-unity floating point sound files in some contraptions (e.g. LoopPlayer).
  • Fixed LiveLooper crash when creating very short loops.
  • Fixed LiveLooper assertion failure crash "Assertion failed: (state_ == RECORDING)" if automation or MIDI control tried to clear a track while it was recording.
  • Fixed intermittent LiveLooper assertion failure crash "Assertion failed: (nextRecordTrack_ == 0)" when all tracks were empty.
  • Fixed AudioUnit hosting bug: sliders in the generic editor were not updating when parameters were changed using the custom editor or automation.
  • Fixed Network Chase Sync bug where tempo could sometimes become unstable (even after resetting sync by toggling enable audio off and on again).
  • Fixed rare crash in automation graphics rendering triggered by MIDI and/or Network Chase Sync bug(s) above.
  • Windows: fixed issue where no audio devices were listed if any ASIO device returned an error at startup. The MOTU "MOTU PCI Video ASIO" device was triggering this behavior when not connected and powered on.

Version 2.2.3

(14th December, 2012)

This update fixes several crashes, bugs with LiveLooper, PulseComb and SDelay contraption behavior, and a number of plugin hosting issues (mostly on Mac). See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed bug where clicking the LiveLooper Start button would sometimes not start recording, especially with high CPU load or when the audio driver buffer size was not set to a multiple of 64 samples.
  • Fixed crash: assertion failure "length >= fadeLengthSamples_" if you changed the sample rate in AudioMulch's Audio General settings while LiveLooper was recording.
  • Fixed bug where PulseComb hold would get permanently stuck on if you set the Hold Quantize Divisions multiplier to zero with Quantize Amount set to non-zero.
  • Fixed bug in PulseComb hold quantize behavior (present since version 2.1): Hold Quantize was taking priority over the Hold Period causing rapid holds when the hold duration should have been at least as long as Hold Period. To get the previous "buggy" behavior use a very short Hold Period.
  • Fixed bug in SDelay where delay times would not be displayed correctly (clamped to a maximum value of 32) when recalling presets that switched delay units from rhythmic units to milliseconds.
  • Display preset names in preset automation hover tooltips.
  • Fixed crash when recalling AudioMulch presets with DFX Transverb VST Plugin.
  • Mac: fixed crash when selecting the contraption editor "Close All" menu item when the mouse cursor was positioned over a sub-control of the editor.
  • Mac: fixed bug where using the "Refresh Plugins List" context menu would cause subsequent documents to load the wrong VST plugins until AudioMulch was restarted.
  • Mac: increased limit on concurrently open file handles to improve compatibility with some streaming sampler plugins (e.g. NI Kontakt). Fixes crashes when selecting File > Open... or File > Save As... after using a Kontakt sample set that streams many files from disk.
  • Mac: fixed VST plugin unloading logic that could cause crashes when mixing VST and AU versions of some plugins (e.g. Korg Legacy).
  • Mac: fixed white flashes when closing some Audio Unit plugin custom editor windows.
  • Mac (OS X 10.7 Lion only): fixed intermittent crash when switching Metasurface to full screen.

Version 2.2.2

(18th October, 2012)

This update adds 16 channel Mixer & Matrix contraptions and fixes bugs and crashes including a number of GUI issues on Mac. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Added 16 channel Matrix and Mixer contraptions.
  • Added right-click for Matrix contraption grid cells allowing Automate, Quick-map and direct access to parameters in the Parameter Control window for each grid cell.
  • Fixed bug where automation loop was sometimes skipped when the audio driver buffer size was not a multiple of 64 samples.
  • Fixed input/key meters on Limiter, NoiseGate and Compressor to reflect the input level after InputGain has been applied.
  • Fixed bug where patch was sometimes scrolled off screen when it was first opened.
  • Fixed bug in Flanger contraption that caused audio drop outs, extreme CPU load and crashes when using low Frequency Range settings when the audio interface sample rate was set to 96kHz or higher.
  • Added code to sanitize bad audio data coming from VST plugins, which could cause audio drop outs.
  • Mac: fixed crashes when quitting or closing patcher and automation panes if they were floating/undocked.
  • Mac: fixed bug where the Patcher pane new contraptions palette would sometimes disappear and not come back after docking/undocking the Patcher pane.
  • Mac: fixed issue with Bassline contraption note names being partially cropped, especially C# and G#.
  • Mac: fixed bug where automation zoom button would overlap window size grip if status bar was hidden.
  • Mac: Made AudioUnit MIDI output code more resilient to bad data from plugins.
  • Mac: fixed bug where sometimes clicking the horizontal splitter would undock the pane instead of moving the splitter.
  • Mac: fixed bug where floating windows and popup menus would remain visible when clicking to drag other windows.
  • Mac: changed title of Settings dialog box to "AudioMulch Preferences" (was "Settings").

Version 2.2.1

(17th August, 2012)
This update fixes three critical issues and two minor user interface issues. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Mac: Fixed crashes when using keyboard shortcuts at startup or on exit, including quitting with Command-Q or using keyboard shortcuts before the main window was visible.
  • Fixed crash: assertion failure "PortAudioStreamController Line 1118..." when using the Open Sound File dialog box to preview sound files when AudioMulch master audio was not enabled.
  • Fixed problems with level meters (SoundIn, SoundOut, Patcher activity indicators) flickering, freezing and/or not working under certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug where Bassline note name hover tooltips were sometimes not displayed when note cells displayed "...".
  • Mac: don't display Windows-specific DWM MMCSS audio setting on Mac.

Version 2.2.0

(26th July, 2012)

This version adds a number of new features. See what's new in AudioMulch 2.2 for an overview of the new features in this release. See below for the full list of changes.

New Features

  • Added MIDI output contraptions (MidiOut1 - MidiOut8).
  • Added support for switching Metasurface snapshots via MIDI control.
  • Frequency parameters are now also displayed as musical pitches in parameter tool tips. They can also be edited as musical pitches using piano keyboard interface in the Set Value dialog box.
  • New SChorus stereo chorus contraption.
  • New header bar in contraption Preset window.
  • New Welcome Screen giving access to recent files and other options.


  • Switched to internal 64 sample control rate with no lower limit on sound card buffer size. Results in higher stability with buffer size settings lower than 256 samples.
  • Mac: Removed 256 sample buffer size limit to support lower latency.
  • New timing engine for MIDI and network clock synchronization. Stable sync. Increased hardware compatibility.
  • Added “pattern mode” for MIDI sync generation for compatibility with Electribe and Nord Micro Modular step sequencers.
  • Added clock-synchronous period and phase mode to SSpat contraption. Synchronize spatialization paths to the global clock pulse.
  • Reworked and updated help file with a clear, modular, step-by-step tutorial format.
  • Added ability to clear automation points without deleting the time range. Using the DELETE key or selecting the Clear item in the Edit menu deletes the selected points. Using the Delete Time item in the Edit menu deletes the time range, which used to be the default behavior.
  • Removed limit on the number of presets per contraption.
  • Added Auto Hide button to contraption Preset Window.
  • Adjustable brightness and contrast of the user interface color scheme on the Appearance page of the Settings/Preferences Dialog Box.
  • Made MIDI and network sync offset settings have consistent meaning (positive values always make the slave later).
  • New sync offset settings for network sync.
  • The Metasurface parameters tree now supports multiple selection (using drag, SHIFT+click and CTRL+click) and enabling/disabling selected items. Added "Enable Selected Parameters" and "Disable Selected parameters" context menu items.
  • Unified handling of drag-and-drop behavior between Metasurface snapshots, contraption Presets, Document Switcher document entries, File Player and File Recorder. These should now all behave consistently.
  • Windows Vista and 7: Added Settings > Audio Driver > "Disable Desktop Window Manager MMCSS scheduling" option. May reduce graphics card related audio glitching on some systems.
  • Reworked generic plugin editor grids for VST and AU plugins.
  • Mac: switched to “Cocoa” user interface framework for improved compatibility with plugin user interfaces.
  • The interpretation of MIDI Control Change and Program Change messages has been updated to be more conformant with the MIDI specification when controlling presets and Metasurface snapshots. By default the first (0th) MIDI value now maps to the first (1st) preset/snapshot. There’s also an option to change the offset.
  • Mac: added support for two-finger pan gesture for scrolling automation and contraption rhythmic pattern editors.
  • Use AudioMulch’s Open Sound File dialog box when locating missing sound files to allow previewing soundfiles.


  • Mac: Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash in Patcher if the right mouse button was clicked while dragging a patch cord.
  • Fixed rare automation recording corruption and crash "Assertion failure AMTimelineEditWidget.cpp line 407" while zooming automation.
  • Fixed bug where automation recording could write additional points after transport was stopped if you pressed the Stop button before toggling the Record button.
  • Fixed crash when editing Drums contraption events when an automated preset/pattern change occurred.
  • Fixed bug where SouthPole envelopes would continuously re-trigger if Automation stopped but was at a pattern trigger location (i.e. time 0).
  • Fixed issues with VST plugin property values not being synchronized after recalling or loading a VST program or program bank. This should allow all VST plugins (e.g. u-he Zebra and NI Reaktor) to work correctly with the Metasurface.
  • Keep VST parameter name displays in sync with plugins that dynamically change parameter names (e.g. Reaktor, FXpansion Guru).
  • Fixed bug in VST generic property editor where sliders didn't match property values after switching from custom to generic editor.
  • Windows: Fixed issue with Reaktor VST plugin Delete key presses not going to plugin but instead deleting items in the Patcher.
  • Mac: Fixed issue with some VST plugins not receiving some keyboard events, such as ENTER key and DELETE key presses.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where Audio Unit plugin parameters were not saved/loaded correctly into the Metasurface. Loading an old document wouldn't load Metasurface parameters for Audio Units.
  • Parameter knobs and sliders now respond to Metasurface and MIDI control even when Audio is not enabled.
  • Fixed bug where Chase MIDI and Network sync settings were always unchecked/reset whenever Settings/Preferences Dialog Box was displayed.
  • Mac: Improved timing stability for MIDI sync output.
  • Fixed zipper noise when moving SDelay Feedback parameter and the Wet/Dry parameters on SDelay, FrequencyShifter, DLGranulator, NastyReverb, Flanger, Nebuliser.
  • Fixed potential crash when MIDI messages were received while disabling audio.
  • Fixed bug: AuxOut contraptions not showing inlets when creating by drag and drop.
  • Fixed micro-jittering of property values during Metasurface interpolation if all snapshots hold the same value.
  • Reduced CPU load when interpolating Metasurface snapshots if there were many parameters with no value changes.
  • Fixed crash: shift+clicking on a contraption or connection in the Patcher Pane when it was the only selected contraption or connection and then deleting it, would crash.
  • Windows: Fixed bug in .amh document save and load routines which would sometimes cause values to be lost on systems which used a decimal comma "," instead of a decimal point ".".
  • Fixed issue with SSpat glitching/clicking when using a large "Scale" value, and also when using audio buffer sizes < 256 samples.
  • Fixed bug that would cause distortion/zipper noise in Compressor and NoiseGate when sample rate was greater than 48k.
  • Improved number display in number edit boxes such as those used to specify the tempo and the loop length in LoopPlayer. Should no longer display a long string of 0.9999999999999999 or 0.0000000000001 e.g. when incrementing and decrementing values using the mouse or the arrow keys.
  • Fixed problems with long strings of decimal places in Tempo number edit box after clock-syncing tempo.
  • Optimized speed of display/rendering for sliders and knobs.
  • Fixed "green fur" display issue on combo boxes in contraption editors, when hovering mouse over combo box and there are overlapping contraption editors with a pattern editor behind.
  • Fixed bug: sample rates not updating in Settings/Preferences dialog box latency labels (e.g. Windows Multimedia) after changing sample rate.
  • Reflect the names of renamed input/output contraptions in level meters and settings. Display I/O contraption name text as well as contraption type name in level meters, patcher tool tips, settings window audio device table tool tips.
  • Mac: Fixed issue where clicking on some buttons didn't work if you clicked near the edge.
  • Windows: Fixed Main Window title blinking "*" and document name changes during opening or switching documents.
  • Fixed layout of SouthPole LFO2 tab: when switching between SouthPole LFO 1 and LFO 2 the controls were not aligned.

Version 2.1.2

(9th December, 2011)

This update resolves a small number of high priority bugs. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed bug where contraption preset window would spontaneously disappear when one of the contraption editor button tooltips displayed and then hid.
  • Fixed bug in audio settings where setting devices to None was not remembered after restarting AudioMulch. Instead, the default device and all channels would be selected at next startup.
  • Fixed bug/crash assertion failure "DRAG_STATE_NONE" when trying to drag 5Combs contraption editor while pitch selection window was visible.
  • Fixed bug where selection of AIFF files was not possible during the "locate missing sound files" process.
  • Improved scroll wheel behavior in properties pane. Scroll wheel no longer gets stuck on individual controls while scrolling the whole view. Scroll wheel now only acts on number editors when they already have input focus. Scroll wheel never acts on combo boxes and FilePlayer/Recorder location bars.
  • Mac: improved stability of MIDI clock sync generation output. It was stuttering or unreliable with some MIDI devices.
  • Fixed intermittent bug on Windows where evaluation period was indicated as expired immediately after first installation.

Version 2.1.1

(3rd September, 2010)

This update resolves bugs, improves Audio Unit compatibility on Mac OSX, and incorporates minor user interface tweaks. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed bug where documents that used a missing VST plugin would load with an arbitrary placeholder VST rather than warning that the plugin was missing.
  • Fixed bug where a LoopPlayer with an automation mute change at the beginning of bar 1 wouldn't recognise the mute change until bar 2 when playing from start or exporting.
  • Fixed bug in Arpeggiator where selecting only one note in Random and UpDown Direction mode would play more than one note. Made Random Direction mode more uniformly random.
  • Fixed bug where changing Settings/Preferences for MIDI sync offsets or MIDI generate sync device would cause MIDI control and chase sync to stop functioning until you restarted AudioMulch, disabled/reenabled these functions, or selected a different MIDI device.
  • Fixed crash if you quit while a contraption preset window was visible.
  • Mac (OSX 10.6 only): fixed intermittent audio freeze when selecting a file in the open sound file dialog box (previously fixed in 2.0.4 but back in 2.1.0)
  • Mac: fixed Preferences and Export To Sound File dialog boxes to not stay on top of all applications. Resolves issues with file selection and help windows appearing behind these dialog boxes.
  • Mac: fixed crash when creating Audio Units that provide MIDI output (e.g. Bidule, Chipsounds, Kore2)
  • Mac: fixed crash on exit with 'BuilderNotFoundException' when some Pluggo-based Audio Units are installed.
  • Mac: fixed bug where some Audio Unit editors (e.g. Prosoniq) would display as a blank white window.
  • Mac: Removed Audio Unit Instrument/Effect category, listed these Audio Units in the Effect category.
  • Windows: Fixed bug where View > Windows Volume Control menu item didn't work on Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Fixed bug where opening a document and saving it with Save As... would not add the original document to the Reopen/Recent Items menu.
  • Fixed Play and Record buttons on File Players and Recorders so that you can right-click and choose Automate, Quick-map MIDI etc, even when the buttons are disabled because no file is selected in the contraption.
  • Fixed bug where the patcher contraption input/output info tooltip was not hidden correctly after connecting a patch cord. Tooltips are now updated while connecting/reconnecting patch cords.
  • Fixed bug in pattern editors (Drums, Bassline, SouthPole, Arpeggiator) where you couldn't easily scroll or zoom past bar 32 unless there were pattern triggers present near the end of the pattern -- the sequence length was ignored.
  • Fixed bug in Bassline where you couldn't always see the note name cell text if you were zoomed in too far.
  • Fixed bug where automation lines weren't always highlighted correctly when you hovered the mouse cursor over them (e.g. minimum line for Range parameters)
  • Streamlined layout of Parameter Control window
  • Prevent multi-file Player and Recorder contraption editors from being resized beyond the maximum useful height.
  • Changed increments on MIDI sync offset number boxes to increment by +/- 1ms (previously 200ms)
  • Refined button and label text in Settings/Preferences dialog box and elsewhere.

Version 2.1.0

(4th August, 2010)

This version adds a number of new features. See what's new in AudioMulch 2.1 for an overview of the new features in this release. See below for a full list of changes.

New Features

  • Added support for non-4/4 time signatures, time signature changes and custom rhythmic units.
  • New rhythmic matrix pattern editors for Arpeggiator, SouthPole and Bassline.
  • New dynamics processing contraptions: Compressor, Limiter and NoiseGate.
  • Added Audio Unit plugin support on Mac OS X.
  • New light grey color scheme (selectable from Settings/Preferences > Appearance).
  • Updated help files including MIDI control and contraption reference pages. Added glossary.


  • Sped up program start up by adding plugin scan caching including progress bar and text in splash screen.
  • Support for hot-plugging MIDI devices.
  • Added parameter control context menus to the Metasurface (right-click Metasurface) and main window transport controls (right-click transport buttons, and metronome icon for Tempo mappings).
  • Added double-click on contraptions in contraption palette to create new contraptions.
  • Added right-click Create Contraption and Help context menu items to new contraptions palette.
  • Added contraption editor context menu items for Close/Close all/Close all but this; added shift-click close button to close all.
  • Included property names in contraption editor knob and slider popup value tool tips.
  • Added Recall button to contraption presets grid.
  • Added Close Sound File button to LoopPlayer and BubbleBlower. Added ability to close sound files in Drums with Ctrl-click or Right-click > Close Sound File.
  • Added HH:MM:SS.sss elapsed / total displays to file players and recorders (replaces old display of duration in seconds).
  • Beats are now divided into 48 subdivisions (previously 12), to allow finer-grained grid snapping in Drums and Automation.
  • Added 64th and 64th-triplets to the list of standard rhythmic units.
  • Added 10 channel variant of multi-file players and recorders.
  • Allowed use of enter key (Ctrl-Enter) to create new Metasurface snapshots after typing a snapshot name.
  • Changed some default settings for new installations: automation grid visible, patcher input/output tool tips visible, audio enabled on startup; status bar visible.
  • VST generic plugin editor now displays up to the first 8 parameters by default instead of the first 3.
  • The preset pop-up for a contraption now scrolls when it is displayed so that currently selected contraption preset is visible.
  • Windows: Audio, midi and network devices are disabled/enabled on APM suspend/resume (i.e. the audio device closes when the computer goes to sleep).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed SDelay to update the delay time when the tempo changes when using tempo-synced delays.
  • Fixed bug where WAV and AIFF sound files were saved with incorrect internal size fields. This caused warnings when opening the files in some audio editors (e.g. Goldwave).
  • Fixed bug where SDelay delay time combo boxes didn't have the correct range set when you first opened the editor (was possible to set delay time in semiquavers beyond 32, for example).
  • Fixed bug where locating a missing soundfile in SoundIn, FilePlayer, SoundOut or FileRecorder wouldn't cause the contraption play button to be enabled (it would stay disabled and you couldn't click it).
  • Fixed loading of track status indicator icons in CanonLooper (previously they weren't displaying).
  • Improved handling of display range and zooming in Drums contraption pattern editor.
  • Fixed bug where timeline maximum zoom level was dependent on zoom level when window was resized.
  • Fixed bug in BeatProcess.amh where thumb could go negative.
  • Tweaked patcher object hit testing by adding extra margin at edges. Partially resolves issues with mis-hits on OSX due to location of OSX cursor hotspot.
  • Fixed help file not displaying for AuxIn and AuxOut above 7.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes pasting into patcher from another document would locate the pasted fragment way off the screen (now pasted selection always appears in the centre of the patcher).
  • OSX: Fixed bug where automation breakpoint right-click context menu could be obscured by tool tips.
  • Removed the ability to automate Clock.Start (because it didn't make sense)
  • Disabled slide-out of Patcher new contraptions palette while patcher pop-up menu is visible.
  • Fixed bug where altering values in a Drums contraption while the contraption changed preset in automation playback would crash with the following error: "Invalid parameter passed to (null), (null), (null) line 0".
  • Fixed input labels on RingAM contraption: they used to say Left and Right when they should have said Carrier and External Modulator. Similar fixes to M2Bus, M2Mixer, P2Mixer, MNoiseGate etc.
  • Fixed isAbsolute() assertion failure crash when loading old documents which had been saved in the root of a drive (e.g. D:).
  • Fixed bug where VST parameter name cleaning would crash if parameter name only contained spaces (caused a Starplugs plugin to crash).
  • Mac: fixed bug where plugins protected by PACE iLok copy protection would hang and you couldn't click through their authorisation screen.

Cosmetic Refinements

  • Positioned patcher output port info tooltips below ports so they don't obscure the contraption.
  • Improved appearance of 10Harmonics, Shaper, SSpat plots.
  • Fixed AMNumberEdit to render in a more consistent style.
  • Added '+' to Arpeggiator Osc 2 Transpose items to indicate upwards transposition
  • Fixed color of '>>' (show more) buttons in toolbars, and hide and undock buttons in Patcher and Automation pane (on Windows they were black and not visible against the dark background).
  • Fixed timeline tooltips to not display beyond the borders of the timeline they are associated with.
  • Made patcher connection bundle handle resemble a green circle instead of a red rectangle.
  • Added tool tips to level meters.
  • Fixed glitchy contraption pane scrolling.
  • Improved error message text when enabling MIDI when no devices are selected.
  • Added instruction text to Metasurface pane when no snapshots have been placed.
  • Indicate that the current document has unsaved changes in the window title area (using an asterisk on Windows, dot in close button on Mac).
  • Improved "Do you want to save changes?" dialogs by using Save/Discard buttons instead of Yes/No. Similar for Locate Missing Sound Files dialog box.

Version 2.0.4

(30th April, 2010)

This update resolves a small number of critical bugs. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed hung notes and/or plugin crashes when using VSTi plugins controlled by MIDI. The bug occurred when MIDI data is received on multiple MIDI channels simultaneously and the plugin Receive Channel is set to a single channel (i.e. not "None" or "All").
  • Fixed intermittent crash when displaying a VST generic editor while audio is running: "assertion failed: slider != 0"
  • Fixed rare crash while previewing a sound file in the open sound file dialog: "assertion failed: lastAlloc_->Blocksize()==size"
  • Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Fixed audio freeze when selecting files in open sound file dialog.
  • Mac: Fixed crash on startup if Preferences .plist file had become corrupted. Fixed preferences mechanism to avoid Preferences corruption.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where sometimes double clicking on an AudioMulch document in Finder would launch the help viewer instead of AudioMulch.

Version 2.0.3

(31st October, 2009)

This update resolves a number of bugs and user interface glitches. A crash when loading some version 1.0 documents has been fixed. The problem with the display of the help files on some Windows systems has been resolved. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed crash bug when loading AudioMulch 1.0 documents that contain Drums contraptions with MIDI-controlled or automated channel volumes.
  • Fixed bug where you wouldn't be prompted to save changes before closing the document if the only change you made was renaming contraptions.
  • Fixed bug where VSTs with a MIDI output and no audio output would receive incoming MIDI messages twice.
  • Windows: Fixed "cannot load sqlite database driver!" error while trying to access the help file on some machines.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where Save a Copy with Sound Files command would display "An error occurred while creating a directory in which to save the referenced sound files" when trying to overwrite a previously saved document and sound files directory.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where contraption names were not displayed on small contraption editors such as those for MGain, SGain and OGain.
  • Fixed bug where LoopPlayer, FilePlayer etc would sometimes not show the question-mark icon when AudioMulch could not find the sound file.
  • Fixed glitch where the sound file name in LoopPlayer, FilePlayer would sometimes be abbreviated with "..." even when there was space for a longer name.
  • Fixed bug where the Notes window was given focus after loading a document, so you couldn't immediately use transport key-shortcuts (because they would type in the Notes window instead).
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't close the Set Value dialog box by pressing the Enter key.
  • Fixed bug where triggering Clock.GoToStart via MIDI didn't update the transport position on the GUI if the clock was stopped.
  • Fixed document switcher to scroll back to top when a new document set is Opened, on New, and on Clear All.
  • Fixed patcher display glitch where some ports would remain incorrectly colored after reconnecting patch cords.

Version 2.0.2

(3rd August, 2009)

This version includes usability improvements and bug fixes. Improvements have been made to Audio/MIDI synchronisation on Mac and to stability on OSX 10.4 (Tiger). Mac VST scanning has been improved to avoid start-up freezes when VST plugins prompt for activation. Cut/Copy/Paste can now be used when renaming Contraptions. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed bug where help pages were not available and displayed "The page could not be found" error if the computer was upgraded to a new version of AudioMulch.
  • Improved event deletion in Drums contraption pattern editor. Supresses creation of hits on top of each other which made them confusing to delete. Fixed bug where click-delete didn't work if the mouse was moved while clicking.
  • Fixed bug where contraption positions were sometimes scrambled after reloading a document. Contraption locations were not saved correctly if the contraptions had been connected using drag-and-drop patching.
  • Added support for cut/copy/paste/select all of contraption names in the Patcher using context menu and keyboard shortcuts while editing contraption name.
  • Added F2 keyboard shortcut to start editing contraption names (Command-2 on Mac).
  • Windows: fixed bug where the first time a custom VST editor was displayed it appeared partially behind other contraption property editors.
  • Mac: fixed intermittent crash on OSX 10.4 (Tiger) after using the select sound file dialog box.
  • Mac: improved timing of MIDI and Network sync.
  • Mac: made changes to address bug where VU meters, transport and automation playback position would intermittently stop updating after 20 minutes to an hour on some machines.
  • Mac: changed MIDI device name handling for better compatibility. Fixes problems with some devices not working. Akai devices are still not 100% functional, see KnownBugs.txt for workaround.
  • Mac: Fixed bug where AudioMulch would freeze at startup if VST plugins displayed an activation dialog box when they were scanned.
  • Fixed alignment of beat number indicators on Arpeggiator pattern editor.
  • Fixed height of status bar and appearance of soundfile loading progress bar.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of MIDI output ports on some contraptions.
  • Fixed bug with contraptions palette not auto-showing if AudioMulch didn't have focus.

Version 2.0.1

(29th June, 2009)

This update resolves critical bugs and includes fixes for user interface glitches, improvements to Mac audio and MIDI device configuration and compatibility, improvements to Windows VST plugin hosting and ReaRoute compatibility. The upgrade is free for users who have purchased an AudioMulch 2.0 licence. See below for the full list of changes.

  • Fixed crash in patcher when ctrl-drag-duplicating a contraption and immediately docking it into another contraption without releasing the mouse. Crash only occurred when Show Contraption Input/Output Info was enabled and mouse was released over one of the new contraption's input or output ports.
  • Fixed bug where Export to Sound File function would not terminate (it exported until the disk was full) if an automated clock stop marker was encountered while prerolling or exporting.
  • Fixed bug where pressing the Return (Enter) key when editing parameter values in number editors and Metasurface snapshot and contraption preset names would cause the clock to stop and go to start rather than completing text editing. Also changed number editor behavior so Space bar starts/stops the clock even when a number editor has focus.
  • Fixed bug where typing numbers into a number edit in some places (e.g. Parameter Control window) would enter the numbers in reverse order (right-to-left).
  • Fixed bugs where tempo automation always defaulted to 120 bpm and did not pick up current tempo when first enabled, nor would it record tempo changes from the GUI (it would record tempo changes from MIDI).
  • Fixed bug where choosing Change Color... for a Metasurface snapshot, then pressing Cancel in the Select Color dialog box always made the snapshot black.
  • Fixed bug where SoundIn Sync mode didn't function correctly in all File Recorder contraptions.
  • Fixed bug where MIDI mapping curve editor in the Parameter Control dialog would not allow insertion of new breakpoints on vertical line segments including at the left and right edges of the editor.
  • Fixed bug where automation scroll bar would not take loop end and selection end location into account so you couldn't drag the scroll bar thumb to the loop end and had to use the arrow buttons.
  • Mac: added additional audio i/o buffer size settings to the Audio Driver page of the Preferences dialog box (previously this setting was fixed at 256 samples.)
  • Mac: fixed bug where selecting sample rates used sample-rate-conversion instead of switching the hardware sample rate. This should resolve problems with glitches at low CPU loads and high sample rates e.g. 96kHz.
  • Mac: fixed bug where non-hardware "virtual" MIDI devices were not available (e.g. from Numerology and OSCulator).
  • Mac: fixed issues with number edit boxes being too tall (eg in Parameter Control window).
  • Mac: removed close button on Preferences dialog box window header to avoid confusion with OK vs. Cancel behavior.
  • Mac: fixed graphical glitches around the edges of SSpat and Shaper contraption editors.
  • Mac: added command-shift-f5 keyboard shortcut to refresh VST Plugins list.
  • Mac: changed VST enumeration algorithm to only load bundles with .vst extension.
  • Windows: fixed bug where Select Sound File dialog for recording and export did not display on some Windows XP systems.
  • Windows: fixed bug where Reaper's ReaRoute ASIO driver did not appear in the device list.
  • Windows: fixed VST GUI window creation bug which resolves issues with Bidule VST freezing/crashing at startup or during use.
  • Windows: fixed implementation of VST audioMasterPinConnected which was causing "assertion failed currentOps_!=0" with some plugins including TinyGod Pegger 3.
  • Windows: fixed handling of VST GUIs which change their size using the non-standard method of directly resizing their parent (e.g. Schwa Olga).
  • Added Rename menu item to Metasurface snapshots context menu.
  • Fixed Export to Sound File dialog box to remember the preroll duration setting from the last time it was displayed.
  • Fixed bug where piano keyboard pitch selection popup window didn't show the correct note name when it was displayed (always showed C#8).
  • Fixed broken links to Crossfader and Frosscader help pages.

IMPORTANT Note About Help File Display Error

If you previously installed AudioMulch 2, AudioMulch's
help files may not show correctly due to a bug in the
help file viewer. The old version of the help file might
display or you may encounter an error like
the one below when accessing the help file:

The page could not be found:

To fix this problem delete the "help cache" which can be found at:

Win XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\
Application Data\AudioMulch 2.0


C:/Users/Your User Name/AppData/Local/AudioMulch 2.0/

Mac OSX:

~/Library/Application Support/AudioMulch 2.0

In all cases delete the AudioMulch 2.0 directory in this
location and the help file should work again.

Version 2.0.0

(5th June, 2009)

See What's New in AudioMulch 2 for information about changes since AudioMulch 1.0.