Learning Center

Whether you're new to AudioMulch or a more experienced user, there are lots of resources to help you learn how to use the program and to find out about how others use it. We've listed these resources below.

Help File

Learn how to use AudioMulch by using our Help File. The Help File is a detailed and complete resource that shows you how to use the program and all of its components. You can view the Help File online, or access it offline from within AudioMulch.

Click here to browse the Help File online

Click here to view the Help File in pdf format (or Right-click the link and choose "Save link as..." to download it).

You can access the Help File while using AudioMulch by choosing AudioMulch Help from the Help Menu. Click on the ? button on any contraption, window or dialog box to view specific Help for that element.


Learn how to perform specific tasks with AudioMulch by watching the video tutorials.

Also on the tutorials page, check out the links to the blog posts to learn more about specific AudioMulch features. You'll also find links to offsite AudioMulch tutorials and lesson plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about AudioMulch in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Conference Papers

Learn more about the various ways others have used AudioMulch by reading the conference papers linked below.

 The AudioMulch Process - Software Development in Musical Practice (Keynote address) by Ross Bencina (2005) (94k Adobe Acrobat format)

 The Metasurface - Applying Natural Neighbour Interpolation to Two-to-Many Mapping by Ross Bencina (2005) (286k Adobe Acrobat format)

 EMIC - Compositional experiments and real-time mapping issues in performance by Donna Hewitt (2003) (3806k Adobe Acrobat format)

 The extatic Project - an Experiment in Electroacoustic Presentation by Terry McDermott and Ross Bencina (1999) (40k Adobe Acrobat format)

 Oasis Rose the Composition - Real-time DSP with AudioMulch by Ross Bencina (1998) (61k Adobe Acrobat format)