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Introducing AudioMulch

This section contains preliminary information about AudioMulch, including system requirements, a list of new features in this version and how to check for software updates. The Welcome to AudioMulch page (linked below, or click Next to go to the next page) provides an overview of AudioMulch and links to various resources on how to use the program.

If you're keen to start using the program straight away, jump ahead to the How to Create and Edit Your First Patch tutorial in the Getting Started section.

Welcome to AudioMulch
Learn what AudioMulch is, how to get started, and find links to resources that can teach you more about AudioMulch once you've mastered the basics.

System Requirements
Learn about the types of computers and operating systems we support.

What's New in This Version
Learn about the features we've added in this version of AudioMulch.

Checking for Software Updates
Get the most out of AudioMulch by using the latest version. Learn how to check for updates.

Purchasing AudioMulch
Learn how to buy AudioMulch. We need to eat too!