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When and How to Use the Clock

AudioMulch has a clock that keeps musical time in bars and beats. The clock can be started and stopped and has a tempo (speed) that you specify in beats per minute (more precisely, quarter-notes per minute). Using the clock is not always required. Some contraptions are not dependent on the clock, but may optionally use it. Other contraptions, parameters and features of AudioMulch depend on the clock. In some cases you will not be able to hear any sound at all until you start the clock.

You'll need to start the clock when you're using contraptions that synchronize to a beat, such as Drums, Bassline and Arpeggiator. These contraptions have pattern editors that can be used to create time-based rhythmic and melodic patterns. Other contraptions use the clock to synchronize the rate of pulses, delays, or other time-based parameters that have a rhythm. The Automation feature is also time-based and is dependent on the clock.

To find out if a contraption depends on the clock, look at the Help File page for the contraption. To do this, click on ? at the top right of the contraption's Property Editor.

See the table below for instructions on how to start and stop the clock and reset it to zero.

Starting, stopping and resetting the clock

The Transport Toolbar

The Transport toolbar, at the top of the AudioMulch window, contains all of the controls for the clock. It looks like this:

The Transport toolbar has buttons to start and stop the clock, and a control for the tempo (next to the metronome symbol). The other buttons are related to Automation, you'll learn about them later.

To perform this action Do one of the following:
Start or stop the clock
  • Click the Play or Stop buttons on the Transport toolbar.
  • Open the Control menu and choose Play or Stop.
  • Press the SPACE bar on the keyboard.
Reset the clock to zero
  • Click the Go to Start button on the Transport toolbar.
  • Click the Play From Start button on the Transport toolbar.
  • Press ENTER on the keyboard.
Adjust the tempo
(make the pulse faster or slower)
  • Click and drag on the up and down arrows at the right of the number box .
  • Enter a tempo in beats per minute by typing into the number box.

MIDI control and synchronization of the clock

Like many other AudioMulch parameters, you can control AudioMulch's clock from an external MIDI controller. For example, you can map buttons to start and stop the clock, and map a knob or slider to change the tempo. See Controlling AudioMulch Parameters from MIDI for details.

The AudioMulch clock can be synchronized to other MIDI software and hardware (e.g. sequencers, drum machines, groove boxes) using the MIDI clock sync standard. AudioMulch can generate and chase MIDI clock. See Synchronizing AudioMulch to Other MIDI Hardware and Software for details.

Network clock synchronization

AudioMulch can also synchronize its clock with other copies of AudioMulch running on the same computer, or across a local area network using its network sync feature.

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