Interview with Girl Talk

Photo by Douglas Stewart

In January 2010 we caught up with long-time AudioMulch user Gregg Gillis, A.K.A. Girl Talk.

Gregg performs and remixes his mash-ups live in AudioMulch, which he famously runs on a laptop covered in cling wrap to protect it from the sweat generated by his performances. To date Girl Talk has released five albums and two EPs made with Mulch, so we thought he’d probably have some interesting ideas to share with fellow AudioMulch users.

Part 1: Gregg Gillis talks about AudioMulch

We met up with Gregg in his hotel room while he was here in Melbourne to play at the Big Day Out. This intro video covers a bit of background and gives Gregg an opportunity to say what he thinks of AudioMulch. We get into the body of the interview in parts 2, 3 and 4, where we cover some of the different aspects of his music-making process.


Part 2: Gregg talks about the musical elements he manipulates when performing live

In this part of our interview Gregg loads up AudioMulch to show us what kind of parameters he manipulates during a performance, the techniques he uses to manage loops and keep control of his set, and tells us why he thinks remaining a little out of control of loop triggering helps keep things fresh. The segment also contains a patch that features in the album Feed the Animals and some insight into how Gregg works with drum sounds.


Part 3: Gregg discusses his compositional process

In this part of our interview Gregg gives us insight into his compositional process. He demonstrates an approach that ranges from rather improvisational-style processing in AudioMulch to cutting up beats by hand in a sound editor. Gregg also explains his ideas about creating subtle details that he uses to tie the disparate elements of an album together into a coherent whole.


Part 4: Gregg describes how he transitions between songs during a set

In the final part of our interview Gregg reveals how he uses AudioMulch’s network sync feature to smoothly transition between songs during a set. We learn how many AudioMulch patches he uses in a set and how he manages to juggle so many samples without overtaxing his computer.

Many thanks to Gregg for spending time with us and to his manager Jessica Linker for coordinating the interview. Big thanks to our friend Matt Laing for shooting and editing the videos.