Donna Hewitt on Live Vocal Processing

Photo by James Debenham

Donna Hewitt is a vocalist, an electronic musician and inventor of the eMic. The eMic is a microphone stand enhanced with sensors, which Donna uses to control audio effects in her vocal performances.

In the video below we learn how Donna uses AudioMulch as a real-time vocal processing platform. The eMic controls audio effects with the help of AudioMulch's flexible MIDI mapping system.

Donna Hewitt talks about live vocal processing with AudioMulch

In this video Donna talks about her invention, the eMic; a gesture driven controller built into a microphone stand. She demonstrates her use of the eMic as an interface to control AudioMulch contraptions (via MIDI), which affect her vocal input. Donna describes how she uses the eMic to control AudioMulch in a number of ways: to process and add effects to vocal sounds, to switch between patches, and to control surround-sound speaker setups. Donna also demonstrates some of the gestures she uses to control the eMic, and talks about the visual element that this adds to her performances, allowing her to interact more with the audience.



About Donna Hewitt

Donna Hewitt is a composer of electronic music, a vocalist, and inventor of the eMic. Donna has performed widely both in Australia and internationally, including at Liquid Architecture 7, the 2011 ICMC in Huddersfield and at the 2011 Brisbane Festival. In 2010 she undertook a residency with Julian Knowles at STEIM (STudio for Electro Instrumental Music) in the Netherlands. Donna has been awarded grants from the Australia Council for the Arts to develop the eMic and to and create new works for it. Donna also lectures at the Music and Sound department of the Queensland University of Technology.