Peter Kennard on Theatre Sound

Photo by Susan Daley

Peter Kennard's eclectic musical career spans more than twenty years. He is a percussionist, a composer, and writes and directs music for theatre, dance, film, and large-scale public events. He also works in the studio, as a performer, producer and mixer.

Peter uses AudioMulch mostly in his work as a theatre composer and music director. In the video below we learn how Peter uses AudioMulch both creatively and as a practical tool kit for live sound production.

Peter Kennard talks about using AudioMulch for theatre sound

Peter Kennard uses AudioMulch to respond to the multi-faceted musical and technical challenges of theatre music production. These challenges include being a “sound operator, live musician, composer and sound designer; all in one”. He uses AudioMulch to both process sound and to mix and route signals through complex, multi-channel surround sound speaker setups. In this video, Peter describes how he puts AudioMulch to practical use in his theatre work: as a mixer, live signal router and sound spatialization tool. He also briefly demonstrates his use of AudioMulch to process the voices of actors in real time, using an example from a recent theatre production.



About Peter Kennard

New South Wales-based Peter Kennard has had a varied musical career spanning more than twenty years. He is a successful percussionist, a composer, a producer, and writes and directs music for theatre productions. Companies he has worked with include Sydney's Legs on the Wall, Theatre of Image and Q Theatre, and outside Australia, the State Theatre of Turkey. His most recent studio outing was performing, mixing and producing songwriter Fred Smith's critically acclaimed album "Dust of Uruzgan," songs about the war in Afghanistan. Peter has also composed for dance productions and film, and large-scale public events, including the New Year's Eve Fireworks at Darling Harbour.