AudioMulch Tutorial 1: Playing a sound

This is an introductory tutorial designed for first time users of AudioMulch. It demonstrates how to load and play a sound.

Be sure to click the full screen button to watch the tutorial at full size.

Click here to download the AudioMulch document created in this tutorial

This tutorial, step by step:

  1. Check that the Enable Audio button is down.
  2. Find FilePlayer in the contraption list and drag it onto the Patcher Pane.
  3. Double-click on the FilePlayer contraption to open the FilePlayer's property editor in the Properties Pane.
  4. Find a sound file to use by browsing through the AudioMulch “Samples” directory. We suggest “bamboo chimes.wav”.
  5. Check the Loop checkbox on the FilePlayer property editor to set the sound to loop.
  6. Route the audio signal from the FilePlayer contraption to the SoundOut contraption: click and drag from the left and right outputs of the FilerPlayer to the left and right inputs of the SoundOut.
  7. Click the Play button on the FilePlayer property editor to start playing the sound.

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