AudioMulch development update, December 2011

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Ross B.
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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to update you with what’s going on with AudioMulch development at the moment...

AudioMulch 2.1.2 update

We've just released version 2.1.2 to resolve a small number of high priority issues. You can download it here. There is a list of changes in the release notes here.

AudioMulch 2.2 progress

The "What’s Coming?" page was recently updated to reflect the current state of development. In summary:

  • AudioMulch 2.2 is planned for release early next year. As with all 2.x versions this will be a free upgrade for paid-up 2.0/2.1 users. See the "What’s Coming?" page for more information about what’s ready for testing and what we're still working on.
  • I'm currently conducting small-scale private "alpha" testing of MIDI output and reworked MIDI sync implementation for version 2.2. If you have a specific interest in these features and would like to help test them please email, I'll put you on the list. Be warned: there will be bugs, and there will be new builds to try every week or two.
  • Once all version 2.2 features are ready there will be more wide ranging beta testing. I’ll let you know when the time comes. At the moment I’m aiming to start beta testing mid-January.

Website enhancements

We're working on a refresh of the website with a streamlined community area, new features for sharing patches and a user-managed discography. Expect more news about this soon.

If you have any specific questions about the roadmap or this post, please feel free to post a comment or email me at For other feature requests, please post to the Feature Requests forum.

All the best for the holiday season,