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Hello all,

So I have a bit of an unusual question.  I have been developing a suit that is going to act as an "instrument".  This software caught my eye because of the metasurface, and it would seem to give my idea a tremendous amount of control if it is capable of doing what I want.  Essentially what I am trying to do is find a way to modify parameters by using input from accelerometers that I will have attached to a dancer's hands.  The data will be outputted to a microprocessor attached to a suit, and then inputted to my computer.  From here I would like to take this data and run it through a script that will modify values such as phase shifting and such on drone tracks.  Is this software capable of such a thing?

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Sorry about the delay. To do what you want strictly within AudioMulch you would need to find a way to convert the acellerometer data into MIDI events, and then route that into AudioMulch. One option would be to use Pure Data for that purpose. It has been done, e.g. that's what Donna Hewitt does with her e-mic controller:

When I've done stuff like that with AudioMulch I generally use some kind of programming system to process the sensor data (you could use Pure Data, Max-msp, processing, etc). In the following I used the Lua scripting language. It did require some low level programming: