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I've purchased the Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller with much anticipation as I've been dreaming of mulching my guitar and vocals live, BUT I'm having a little trouble implementing.

AM recognizes the device no prob and it is a breeze to Quick Map the controller parameters, but I can rarely get the FCB1010 to properly trigger an event as desired -- usually just no response at all, even though I can see (via the midi parameter dialogue) that it is mapped.

Two examples: LiveLooper: I will Quick Map pedal1 to Start, pedal2 to Next and pedal3 to End All. Fine. But when I try to perform with it, either different pedals will Start/Stop (but not with any consistency) or nothing happens at all.

2nd Example: S8Mixer: I will Quick Map mutes to corresponding pedals. Same basic result. Nada.

I have an Akai LPD8 midi pad controller, which I can use fine for the above examples, but obviously I can't control it with my feet very well ;-)

Could it be an issue with the FCB1010 only sending Program Changes (vs. CC) from the pedals? AM is recognizing them as PC's.

Ross, I LOVE your software and have been a user since I think v.54. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Ross B.
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Hi Michael

I wouldn't rely on quick-map if you don't know exactly what the FCB is sending -- for example, it could get quite messy if the FCB sends messages on pedal down and pedal up.

First get MIDI OX (or some other MIDI monitor software) and check what messages the FCB is sending. An important thing to understand is not just what CC number is being sent but also the _value_. For example, some switches will send CC 10 127 (number=10, value=127) when the pedal is pressed and CC 10 0 (still number 10, but with value 0) when the pedial is released. AM would usually map that to: on while pedal down, off while pedal up.

If you use the Parameter Control window to do the mappings you can check the Mapping tab. Parameters that are either on or off can be triggered to switch based on the CC _value_, (as above) or to toggle each time the threshold is crossed (one press=on, next press=off). You may find you need at least to set the toggle mode to get your foot switches working.

Makes sense?


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i ve trid a lot of configuration using FCB1010 and AUDIOMULCH,,monitoring the midi with MIDI- OX

I pass 3 days to figure out how come AUDIOMULCH dont recognise the mdi signal from my HDSP9632 MIDI IN

the same config of FCB1010 in cubase work perfectly

i have have made test with the following transmition (direct access if off in the fcb1010 bios)
the original setup of the FCB1010 transmit the following but dont work only on AUDIOMULCH
001C4634 10 11 C0 5B -- 1 --- PC: Pad 4(choir)
001C4636 10 11 99 5C 64 10 G# 6 Note On
001C46D6 10 11 99 5C 00 10 G# 6 Note Off

**USING CH:10 and value 5C= 92 ,, dont work in any MIDI SOURCE CONTROL parameters
(i ve tried replace value by 91,93 and midi channel by 1 but nothing append)

OR even with

(this is not my original setup,,but i tried this because desparate)
001A563B 10 11 C0 5A -- 1 --- PC: Pad 3(polysynth)
using ch : 1 or 10

I YOU COULD help it could be a good idea to decide to continue using audiomulch wich is very intuitive,,but not easy to manage with external midi fcb1010

i use CUBASE, FL STUDIO , GUITAR RIG or VST CHAINER and everything is fine and easy to work with the FCB1010 , so strange thing to see how come it is not simple in audiomulch

but it sure be me,,,i hope cause id like to stay with audiomulch,

thx advanced MIKE SIMM

Ross B.
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Note that we resolved Mike Simm's issue by email. The conclusion was to use Note Velocity as a controller and to set the switching threshold to to zero in the mapping tab of the Parameter Control window.

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Hi Ross,

I just got the FCB1010 and am having the same problem as Mike. I tried doing what you said, but I can't find the "switching threshold" option in the mapping tab. Is this on the most current version of Mulch?


Ross B.
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>  I can't find the "switching threshold" option in the mapping tab

Well, it depends what kind of parameter you are trying to modulate. But for checkbox type parameters (eg. mutes), yes it is still there in 2.2.3. Right-click on a checkbox, choose "Parameter modulation..." and click on the mapping tab in automation. There is a Threshold display there.

If you can't find it let me know what parameter you are trying to control and I'll try to help more.