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hi everyone,
i know maybe someone had already pointed this out, BUT

here is a lillte list of random ideas...

- when trying to map a certain parameter of a huge plugin (let's say like guitar rig, or reaktor) sometime is a bit tough: you've got to browse thousands of parameters until you find the right one in the list.
what about highlighting the parameter in the list when you just move it in the plugin interface? this could save a lot of precious time. is this possible?

- another useful thing would be to place labels on mixer channels. if i've got a messy patch with a 12ch mixer, is really hard to know what sound is in channel 1, what in channel 2, etc...

- the whole audiomulch concept is amazing: you just connect things that make sounds to other which process sounds... it's a really inspiring environment. the automation and the metasurface too are wonderful tools, but i think one big concept is missing: a series of modulating contraptions. what about creating a set of tools like lfo's, envelope followers, sequencers, to just modulate ANY parameter (also the modulation parameters)?? this would avoid tons of automation lanes and would give an immediate and inspiring feel to the whole audiomulch environment... by adding some modulation contraptions i can immediately give my simple patch a new life. what do you think about this??

- a reverse playback option in the loop player

- an accurate, velocity compatible, loopable pianoroll sequencer

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at point #1
^^Studio One and Reaper both have great models for this type of thing. Every parameter you touch gets stored in a list that can spawn automation lanes.

at point #3
^^ I would hate to see an LFO/advanced modulation sequencing in AudioMulch because it could breed bad habits in users that are very into doing creative automation building like a Bob Ross of modulation.

at point #4
^^ great idea, maybe just have --> <-- / --> / <-- controls

at point #5
^^ Once again, I feel that AudioMulch is a safe haven from the pianorolls and sequencers that you find everywhere else.

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hi justiceE,

no, i don't mean advanced modulation... but a dedicated set of tools that do parameter modulations.
i don't see any bad habits risk. :)

for the sequencer i think that is quite essential.
workarounds like energyXT vsti, etc don't works perfectly..
i'm not lazy, but every time i want to add a little synth riff or an external drumachine groove i've got to do it outside audiomulch and import the audio files later.. and i think this is a little waste of time..

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mmm.. ok, i've got to say sorry cause i didn't carefully look at the roadmap published by ross.

the lfos's concept is already on the list... so, hope to find it in the new AM versions!! :)

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im with you on this 100%.
Once I thought AMs "style" was just right, but now believe the lack of a sequencer is a real flaw. I too hate having to do things externally when its so very near and possible to have Mulch as an all in one solution.

I dont understand what the big fear is.

Oh yeah, that ...and REWIRE! ....and to be able to insert Mulch as a VST and im complete!