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"There are tons of little "widgets" (as we call them) throughout the record, i.e. detailed little production things that may or may not be integral to the songs but provide depth and variety. A *ton* of that ear candy was done with Mulch. Vocal processing, synth mangling, granular synthesis everwhere you look... some subtle things on the strings in the first song, we really used Mulch all over the place. If you listen with headphones you'll hear a lot of those kind of details. There are also some nice "foreground" bits that have been through Mulch; one that comes to mind is this kind of swimmy synth pad that comes in a couple minutes into "sunday rain likely". I think Brad has something like that also happening during the bridge of "blue" -- not sure if that was Mulch or not but I think so.
Generally we dropped a few tracks into Mulch and started mangling away, eventually exporting the part and dropping it back into our multitrack views. I found this to be a great way to work... I got the tactile/inspirational/easy Mulch way of tweaking audio, but then I was able to distill the results into focused, useful production parts."

private correspondence (see also interview in Electronic Musician, February 2004, page 26).

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