Guidelines for adding to the AudioMulch Discography

This page sets guidelines for what you can and can't add to the AudioMulch Discography. To discuss these guidelines please post to the Website and forums forum.

The Discography lists released music made with the help of AudioMulch. To qualify for listing, people should be able to seek the music out, listen to it, and maybe even buy it. Releases do not need to be commercial, but they do have to be packaged as releases and have some kind of distribution. We’ve provided more specific guidelines below.

As a rule, released music that's acceptable for listing in the AudioMulch Discography looks like this:

  • A release is available (or was available) on physical media or for download as a “release package.” Normally these will have a catalog number, release title, track listing, album artwork etc.
  • A release is usually published by a label, although self-released material is acceptable if it is (or was) available packaged as a release.
  • A release can be purchased, legally downloaded or otherwise acquired permanently. Music only available via streaming is not acceptable.

The discography is not the place to share unreleased experiments or single sound file “tracks” — please feel free to post these to the Music made with AudioMulch forum or to the AudioMulch soundcloud group.

What’s in

  • Releases by a record label on CD, vinyl or download-only format. Usually they will have a title, a catalog number and you’ll be able to provide a link to the label site.
  • Releases by a netlabel available as a downloadable album package.
  • Self published releases on CD-Baby, iTunes, Bandcamp etc. Please note other guidelines above regarding what is acceptable.
  • Anything that qualifies for a discogs release listing.
  • Film soundtracks are acceptable if the soundtrack is available as a separate release, or if the film itself is available as a “release” conforming to these guidelines. However, a soundtrack for an unreleased film is not acceptable.

What’s out

  • Unreleased material. If it’s never been published, it should not be listed.
  • Un-packaged individual tracks only available from websites, file sharing sites, myspace, soundcloud etc.
  • Music only available via streaming.

If you're unsure if your listing qualifies, ask in the Website and forums forum.

Linking to soundcloud, myspace etc.

If your release qualifies for listing (see above), and you have part or all of it available on myspace or soundcloud, please feel free to include these links in your release entries.