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Ilir Lluka & Jonida Prifti
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Audiomulch has been used as the main system of signal routing and parameter control. Other softwares like Plogue Bidule and Sensomusic Usine Pro were routed as plugins inside Audiomulch and implemented in the patch making possible the usage of several custom built audio synthesis modules along the internal Audiomulch modules and third-party vst plugins. The patch uses as input source different verses from the poet Jonida Prifti recorded in wav audiofiles, routed into an Audio-to-MIDI module, then implemented in real time in various VSTi synthesizers/Instruments so they could play their respective sounds syncronized with Jonida's vocal pitch, tempo etc. Then all the sounds were furtherly synthesized in different approaches to create multiple textures coming from the same basic source but in non-linear evolvement patterns creating a generative system which inputs words and outputs music in real-time.No automation has been used in this process, instead most of the modular parameters were mapped in different MIDI controllers and modulated in real-time as the sessions were recorded.. Due to the high cpu load required, the sounds were recorded separately, then everything was carefully assembled and mastered in a sequencer-based environment.

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