AudioMulch 2.1 Press Release


Ross Bencina releases AudioMulch 2.1

MELBOURNE, Australia - August 4, 2010
Today Ross Bencina released AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio 2.1 (

The first major update of the software since AudioMulch 2.0 launched in June 2009, version 2.1 introduces significant new features and improvements. Most notably, this update invites users to explore new rhythmic possibilities, extend AudioMulch with Audio Unit plugins on Mac OS X, and control the mix with built-in dynamics processing. All version 2 updates, including this one, are free to licenced AudioMulch 2 users.

The addition of customizable time signatures and rhythmic units allow for polyrhythmic and polymetric music-making. With AudioMulch composers can now escape the confines of 4/4 and explore compositional techniques like rhythmic phasing and create non-Western rhythms.

To complement these changes, new rhythmic matrix pattern editors have been designed for the Arpeggiator, SouthPole and Bassline contraptions. The editors now support user-selectable pattern lengths, matrix resolutions, non-4/4 time signatures and time signature changes.

Users will also welcome the addition of built-in dynamics processing capabilities, with the new Compressor, Limiter and NoiseGate contraptions.

Support for Audio Units has been added for Mac OS X, allowing Mac users to extend AudioMulch with a new range of third-party plug-ins.

Live performers will want to note that version 2.1 now allows hot-plugging of MIDI devices. A new, optional light grey color scheme has also been added so that users can configure their AudioMulch interface to suit different ambient lighting scenarios.

General usability has been further enhanced with revised documentation and a host of bug fixes and other improvements.

"I'm really excited about the musical possibilities afforded by the enhancements in AudioMulch 2.1 and I'm looking forward to hearing how people put these features to use," says AudioMulch developer and owner Ross Bencina. “More AudioMulch 2 additions and enhancements are still in the works though, so watch this space."

More details about the features and improvements included in the 2.1 release can be found here:

How to upgrade from 2.0:
Existing users can download and install version 2.1 over or along side their current installation. Version 2.1 will detect and use existing authorisation credentials.

About AudioMulch
AudioMulch is designed for musical audio processing, performance, and composition. Its modular patcher-style user interface promotes an improvisational approach to music making. The software offers a range of built in sound processing and audio mangling tools along with parameter control capabilities that include time line automation, a powerful MIDI control mapping system and the "Metasurface" multi-parameter controller. With a dedicated following among a diverse range of live performers, composers, sound designers, and educators, AudioMulch finds uses ranging from electronica to experimental music, sound design, music education and industry research.

AudioMulch began in 1998 as the personal project of electronic musician and software developer Ross Bencina. Version 2.0 is the first major AudioMulch update since version 1.0 was released in 2006. AudioMulch is still independently developed and owned by Ross.

Availability and pricing
PC and Mac versions of AudioMulch 2.1 can be downloaded from the AudioMulch website, and trialled free for up to 60 days. A license can be purchased for USD 189, or as an USD 89 upgrade for version 1.0 users. All version 2 updates, including this one, are free to licenced AudioMulch 2 users.

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