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Ross Bencina releases AudioMulch 2.0

MELBOURNE, Australia - June 5, 2009
Today Ross Bencina released AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio 2.0 ( After three years in development, version 2.0 of the software introduces new features and brings AudioMulch to the Mac for the first time.

AudioMulch 2.0 delivers a major user interface update, with work-flow improvements including drag-and-drop patching that add to AudioMulch's appeal as a live performance environment. Other version 2.0 additions include patchable MIDI routing, a new pattern editor, significant performance increases for audio processing, and new automation features, including the ability to automate and MIDI control AudioMulch's unique "Metasurface" controller.

"With the major interface work finished and the Mac version in place I can now focus on new features," says AudioMulch developer and owner Ross Bencina. "I have a long list of features and improvements planned that I'll be rolling out in regular updates following the version 2.0 release."

AudioMulch is designed for musical audio processing, composition, and performance. Its modular patcher-style user interface promotes an improvisational approach to music making. The software offers a range of built in sound processing and audio mangling tools along with parameter control capabilities that include time line automation, a powerful MIDI control mapping system and the "Metasurface" multi-parameter controller. With a dedicated following among a diverse range of live performers, composers, sound designers, and educators, AudioMulch finds uses ranging from electronica to experimental music, sound design, music education and industry research.

After ten years of running exclusively on Windows, entry into the Mac market is a significant step for AudioMulch. The timing could be considered ironic, given that Microsoft featured Girl Talk performing with the then PC-only AudioMulch in their "I'm a PC" ad campaign late last year ( Microsoft can no longer claim AudioMulch in their 'cool things to do on PC that you can't do on Mac' category. Girl Talk himself, when asked to comment on the release of version 2.0, said, "I've used AudioMulch as my primary instrument for every one of my shows over the past 9 years. It has also been a fundamental part of making each of my albums. I can't imagine how my work would have evolved without it."

Availability and pricing
PC and Mac versions of AudioMulch 2.0 can be downloaded from the AudioMulch website, and trialled free for up to 60 days. A version 2.0 license can be purchased for USD 189, or as an USD 89 upgrade for version 1.0 users.

About Ross Bencina and AudioMulch
AudioMulch began in 1998 as the personal project of electronic musician and software developer Ross Bencina. Version 2.0 is the first major AudioMulch update since version 1.0 was released in 2006. AudioMulch is still independently developed and owned by Ross.

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