When will we get 64 bit support on Windows?

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Mulch is really showing its age recently, with many plugin developers dropping 32 bit plugins as an anachronism.

Ross, if you are out there, any chance we'll get 64 bit application and plugin support any time soon? For the first time ever I am serioulsy considering ditching Mulch for REAPER, as more and more plugins start to be unavailable in 32 bit versions. Would also be great for RAM hog types using large sample libraries etc.


Fingers crossed!

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Joined: June 24, 2009

I've also heard Steinberg are trying to encourage developers not to support VST 2.4 any more, only VST 3, which would be another thing making Mulch very redundant.


Please, any idea about updates or is Mulch abandoneware at this point? The last Windows update was over half a decade ago. I need to know whether to hang on in there or really sstart trying to learn another piece of music software, which I would be loathe to do after almost two decades with Mulch.

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Multi-core processing support too please, am sure it would cut CPU use on some of my documents by a huge margin.

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It would be a dream coming true!

I had to move to Usine for the same reasons a couple of years ago but I'd be back using Audiomulch in a heartbeat.

I would also be happy to contribute to fund this update if needed.


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Personnaly I only want 64 bit support for the future cuz I assume 32 bit will be dropped at one point. I know it will be the case for mac osx.Windows, I don't know.  I do have both platform btw. 

I could switch to something else but I have to much stuff done with AM and I still love the workflow in it. I also have plenty of VSTis that circumvent any shortcomings AM might have in terms of FX or generators.  

Hopefully Ross will keep not drop it.





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It would be great to hear anything from Ross.