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Ross B.
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Hi Everyone, has just been updated with the addition of community patch sharing, a user-editable discography, various usability tweaks and an improved community home page. Dive in here:

Right now I’m announcing this only to the direct community. It’s not exactly a secret, but I’d like you to try it out first. I’m also keen to bring the discography up to date before we announce more widely.

Patch Sharing

A place to share patches created with AudioMulch. You can share anything from a simple idea to a whole composition. Upload an AudioMulch .amh file, or a .zip file containing an AudioMulch document and sound files.

There are already a bunch of patches for you to try.


The AudioMulch discography lists released music made with the help of AudioMulch. Releases are listed at the request of their creator, or based on information from interviews and other published sources.

The discography has been dormant for a few years. Now it’s been reinvigorated and you can add and edit your own entries. Please update your entries (see the guidelines first). If you need to update one of your existing entries just get in touch and I will give you access.

If you have any suggestions, or encounter problems with the website please email me at or post to the web site forum at:

Many thanks to Kit at Aeski for his steadfast dedication to the project, to Spectro for developing a bunch of new patches for you to try, to Mark N for his work on the discography, and to Pat, Sietse and Beno and Spectro for their help testing the new site.

As always,

Happy Mulching!


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Good to see the new site up and running Ross. Look forward to exploring it some...

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Thanks for the update Ross, great have a patch sharing section