Web site problems (updated)

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Ross B.
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Hi Guys

As you may have noticed we've been having some problems with the website.

This morning we had a database crash that trashed almost everyone's user login details.

UPDATE 15 November, 4:22pm Melbourne time:

user details have now been restored from a backup from November 10. *Most* user accounts created after November 10 should also be OK. If you changed your password or account details (email address etc) on or after November 10 you may find that the system has reverted to your old details. Please update them.

As far as I can tell, one account created on November 10 has been lost forever. If you can't log in and you created your account on November 10, I'm sorry, you'll have to create your account again.

If you're having trouble logging in or with any other part of the website, please get in touch with me at eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%72%6f%73%73%62%40%61%75%64%69%6f%6d%75%6c%63%68%2e%63%6f%6d%22%3e%72%6f%73%73%62%40%61%75%64%69%6f%6d%75%6c%63%68%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')).