Virtual Audio Cable functionality in ASIO

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I am running Audio Mulch with a Presonus 1818VSL connected via ADAT to a Behringer Ultragain Pro-8.  In order to get access to the ADAT outputs, I need to connect to the Presonus via ASIO.  I would like to connect my media player as an input to my Audio Mulch environment.  I have tried the following:

1.  Set my media player to use the Presonus ASIO drivers.  This seems to lock out Audio Mulch from the Presonus.  I guess only one device can have access to the presonus at any given time.

2.  Installed virtual audio cable.  Set my media player to output via the VAC.  With Presonus running ASIO, I cannot access VAC in Audio Mulch.

3.  Tried number 2 above but changed the driver to Windows Media or Direct Sound.  In both settings, I can see VAC in Audio Mulch but I CANNOT see the ADAT outputs on the Presonus.

I have considered adding a second sound card with a SPDIF output and connecting that to the SPDIF input on the Presonus but that would involve buying a second sound card.  Does anybody have ideas?