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Hi all,

I have three related questions about USB interfaces. 

1. I've been narrowing down my search and have been considering going with either the  PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL 18-Channel USB Interface or the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 Audio Interface.   Has anyone tried either of these with AM, and/or does anyone have a preference, or a better suggestion that has at least 8 XLR/TS inputs?

2. When using an interface like this with AM, can I work with each input seperately? Up until this point I've only been using my soundcard's input, so I just use the Sound In gadget. I did try a Line6 Toneport but only got (as I recall) the mic and one line in to work at the same time. When hooking up a USB interface like this, should I be using the Audio Driver settings to map the 8 inputs to the the Aux Ins in AM, or is there some other option? And are all interfaces compatible this way with AM?

3. I'm guessing most haven't tried this yet, but I see that the PreSonus comes with their VLS mixing software and DAW. I would love to run first through their mixing software and then into AM. Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm yet to find any documentation that mentions running out of their mixing software into a different DAW like AM.

I would really appreciate any help on this since it's going to determine which box I buy in the near future. Thanks!      

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1) Can't help you with specific models, as haven't used the ones you mention, but I did have an Echo Audiofire 12 for a few years (Firewire, 12 ins and 12 outs), which worked flawlessly with Mulch.


2) Yes, first go to Settings - Audio Input and Audio Output and you can then assign physical In/Out on your interface to Mulch In/Out contraptions to be used in your patching. If possible, use ASIO drivers for lower latency/better performance.


3) I use an RME HDSPe AES, which has a software mixer, and I'm pretty sure it is possible to run things throgh that before/after Mulch however you like.


It will be a complex system and make take some time to get working how you want it to, but should be worth it. Just watch out for feedback loops!

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Awesome, thanks a bunch! 

I'm okay with complex systems, just wanted to make sure (or at least have some reasonable assurance) that what I was looking to do wasn't completely impossible. 
I'd had limited success using Jack to route audio through different software, but it tended to be unstable and more of a hassle than it was worth. 

I do use ASIO at times, so I'll keep that in mind. 

Thanks again!