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i'm very new to music production and audiomulch so apologies in advance for terminology and concept errors----i've been playing around with audiomulch trial and trying to get my head wrapped around the continuous looping paradigm and was wondering... is there a way to stutter start a sample? i'm not sure what it's called but when a (usually vocal) sample is played but then quickly restarted a few times before being allowed to play through... off the top of my head, i think this tecnique is used on one of the vocal samples in biggie's the ten crack commandments--

if one is just triggering samples live with a midi controller this is easy but in audiomulch it would change the length of the sample so Iguess there'd have to be some kind of thing where the contraption made you stutter start for the right number of bars before palying the sample... obviously, for a produced track one could just do it manually with sound editing but i'm curious if it's possible with audiomulch in a live setting...

hopefully that makes sense... i am really so new to all of this that i could easily  have some fundemental concept so wrong as to make this question incomprehensible.. ha...thanks for any help!

Ross B.
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Hi There,

To perform such a thing live in AudioMulch one thing you can try playing with is the Phase parameter on a loop player.  If you map it in the right way you should be able to get it so it jumps forwards and backwards to create the stuttering effect you want. for example you could set up a button that makes the phase jump backwards by half a beat.

The example file Basic/MulchJungle.amh uses automation to do this with a beat, what you want to do is set up something similar with a MIDI controller. (you could MIDI control presets that flip the phase around, or control the phase directly).

You can also get more randomized shuffling/stuttering with DLGranulator and a delay.

Let use know if you want any more specific help with getting something working.