save a copy with sound files behavior + crashes / other suggestions

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I think the use case for saving a song with sound files merits slightly different behavior. Almost always, when I save a file with sound files, it means that I'm deep enough into my "sketching" phase that the results merit a self-contained project. Usually this means that I want to be working with the "self-contained-version" of the project from that point on. So I'd prefer that when I save a version with the soundfiles, this gets reloaded as the version I'm working with as the default behavior, or there's a separate menu option to do it. Two issues with the current behavior of saving the copy separately without loading it -
- It's easy to lose track of which version I'm working with.
- Saving a copy with sound files and then loading that copy is very crash prone. I haven't yet isolated a minimal test case, but it happens a lot.

I have a few other suggestions that have come up from spending more time with AM recently:

- I often exploit keyboard shortcuts to navigate the right-click menu ("e.g. 'n' for New, 'g' for DLGranulator within the effects menu, etc). When I right click and press 'n' for new, it defaults to opening the menu all the way down to the Input/Output menus. The input/output menu is rarely the menu I'm looking for, so always adds an extra "left arrow" keypress to back out of that menu. I realize this is a tiny workflow issue, but it does add up as it occurs everytime I'm adding a contraption by rightclicking.

- This has probably been bought up many times already, but a fileplayer which is position-aware would be very useful for longer backing tracks / vocals / longer parts. At present, I'm usually able to get by using loopplayers for everything, but it's not totally ideal for this purpose.

All in all I've been pretty inspired by coming back to audiomulch recently. There are subtle aspects to the workflow I didn't appreciate when I transitioned to linear sequencers that I now understand how to exploit and it's been fun.