Routing VB Audio cable input to speakers - works but low volume

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This is on Windows 10. I have installed the VB Audio virtual cable. It creates a virtual playback device (called "Cable input") that's internally routed into a virtual input device ("Cable output"). Then I have configured my audio player to play into this virtual output device. That lets me do this then:

SoundIn is the virtual input device ("Cable output"); SoundOut is speakers. The problem is that the volume is lower than if the player streams directly to Speakers.

I have triple-checked everything and I can't find the problem. "Cable input" playback device level is 100 in the Windows sound settings. "Cable output" level is 100. Please advise. Is there volume control somewhere in AudioMulch?

If I go to Windows Recording settings, go to the "Cable output" device (the input device - "SoundIn" in AudioMulch) and tick "Listen to this device" - the volume is normal. So it's not the virtual cable that reduces volume; it must be AudioMulch.

AudioMulch volume level in the Windows mixer is same as the global Speakers volume.