ReWire substitute/s?

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Joined: July 21, 2009

Does anyone have personal knowledge on what works and what doesnt?
I understand theres a few different paths..MIDI yoke, ReaRoute...etc
As far as i know the protocol therein doesnt allow sycing of transport control, cc messages etc.
Is this correct?
Can anyone give me ideas as to how you work around this so as to track Mulch with as much control as possible into another program? ie a DAW for recording.
Would like to hear from anyone getting results.

Thanx in advance

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I just use the midi clock via the IAC BUS to sync my DAW with Audiomulch then when I'm ready export to an audio file from Audiomulch and import that to my DAW. The facilies on the 'export as audio' on AM are excellent and accurate.

That's on a Mac of course.