Renaming MIDI Input/Output

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Joined: October 31, 2013

Is there a way to rename the MIDI In/Out in the preferences window so that when you add a new contraption, it will be listed by device name, rather than MidiIn1, MidiIn2, etc.? I have 5 MIDI devices hooked up, and I can never remember which goes where. Every time I add a MIDI in/out contraption, I have to go back to preferences, see which is which, and then go back and add it. Not too big a deal, really, but it does interrupt the creative flow.

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On Mac, anyway, you can slow-double-click on the name of a contraption and change the text. It's just like changing the name of any file or folder in the Mac's Finder. But, I know, this doesn't change the name in the Preferences pane. Hmmm.