realt time time-sretcher to slow down incoming sound ( Electrixpro Repeater style)

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I don't know how many are familiar with the long time defunct Electrixpro Repater.

It is (was) a hardware looper with several unique features. One of them was the ability to perform a very "musical" time stretching without altering the pitch of the incoming audio.

With a simple strategy it is even able to do something that looks like a serious limit for many other sound manipulation tools: stretch the incoming audio in almost real time.

Of course it needs time to allow the algorithm to process the audio, therefore it takes a certain amount of time to make it happen, the length is set by the loop "window" that it was set at the beginning and feeback needs to be set at 0%.

I think it basically slows down the sound and compensates for its pitch alteration with a pitch shifting which is relative to the speed: 50% of original speed needs +12 semitones to go back to the original note and so on.

The resulting audio is affected by an aliasing which is more and more evident as the original signal is slowed down.
As all simple pitch shifthers you cannot expect anything but strange results when you process harmonically rich audio, but it works really well with monophonic ones, single notes and melodies.

I've been able to partially reproduce it through Mobius, an excellent standalone and vst looper which allows the use of scripts. Unfortunately it is able to apply this process once the loop is "closed" in the sense that the feeback needs to be 100%.

I'd really like to know if Audiomulch would allow me to get close to the Repeater result.
Unfortunately, while I know Audiomulch's routing contraptions and midi control pretty well, I'm not that expert about its processing contraptions ( except granulators, possibly).

Any advice ?

Thank you,