"Perfect" Transition with 2 LoopPlayers by click?

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Hello everybody,

I use to transition my LooPlayers with a fast click (and pressing and holding the button for the next sample) but I have literally a short moment with the 2 LoopPlayers music bunked and sometimes the rendering is very very bad if they look the same (one with or without accapella on an instrumental chorus for example).

So, I would like to know if there is a way to do this (by a live click if possible) :

- Planning the end of a Loop Player after his current loop (or next loop, at least a stop of the sample)

(I think the LiveLooper is the solution for this, but i've linked the output of a M16 Mixer but i'm not able to manage the samples.)

If there is an easy way to do this I would be very happy!

Thanks a lot ! 

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I'm not sure if I'm understanding the problem correctly - depends on what you mean by a "perfect" and "bunked".

But one smooth way to transition between two mutually exclusive loops by click is to use the matrix mixers (turn up or down the fadetime) depending if you need to cut or smoothly crossfade. You can even map two matrix cells to the same midi controller and invert the mapping in one of them so that the same control will cut one out and cut one in at precisely the same time (but usually mousing it is good enough for most purposes).

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Thanks for the reply! I'll try de matrix mixers, thanks ;)

I have found the solution yesterday for this, I use the "Solo" button of a M16 Mixer for example at the right time to be sure to have a great transition between the loop players. It works very well !