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Will Audio Mulch work in Catalina?

Catalina is 64bit only so I'm thinking not as AM was never updated to 64bit? Or was it?

I do hope this is not the end.



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At this point, it seems reasonable to think that the current version of AM is the very last. It was a great product for its time, and I still use it occasionally, but I think it has really been surpassed by other modular software. Look at Hollyhock by sensomusic, for example. Brilliant and very up to date. 

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hollyhock is very differnet imo. also, i had numerous problems with it and audiomulch actually worked better on that computer. gave up on hollyhock a couple years ago. it just never worked well for me. ymmv of course. 

i hope audiomulch gets a compatability update. ross has dropped twitter hints about a beta in progress. fingers crossed. 

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Still mulching here and being super optimistic about a 64 bit release at least in windows and hopefully vst3 as vst 2.4 are getting dropped slowly.

No way other softwares replaces AM's features set for me (I'm a max user also). Reliable audio engine, feedback, metasurface, simplicity and uncluttered interface make it brilliant to me. Done plenty of jams and AM never failed on me whatsoever.


Fingers crossed!



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I am sure Covid has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone, including Ross, but it really would be nice to get updates every now and then. This has been a pretty loyal community. 

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I'm using Usine for at least 5 years. It was a difficult step, not just because the change in worklow and approach, but mainly because I was really sad of going away from AM.

It was a necessary step as I wanted to develop parallel processing further and AM wasn't allowing me to benefit of the high efficiency of 64 bits laptops.

I still miss AM and I would be happy to get back to it once Ross wants to bring it back. We had the chance to develop many interesting features during the latest betas and there was a very promising 64 bit version on the works.

It is possible that Ross gets back to it, i just don't feel like asking him about that anymore, I think I've bored him to death and I feel like I don't to insist further. It's all up to his fun and time.