OSX Catalina compatability

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Will Audio Mulch work in Catalina?

Catalina is 64bit only so I'm thinking not as AM was never updated to 64bit? Or was it?

I do hope this is not the end.



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At this point, it seems reasonable to think that the current version of AM is the very last. It was a great product for its time, and I still use it occasionally, but I think it has really been surpassed by other modular software. Look at Hollyhock by sensomusic, for example. Brilliant and very up to date. 

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hollyhock is very differnet imo. also, i had numerous problems with it and audiomulch actually worked better on that computer. gave up on hollyhock a couple years ago. it just never worked well for me. ymmv of course. 

i hope audiomulch gets a compatability update. ross has dropped twitter hints about a beta in progress. fingers crossed. 

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Still mulching here and being super optimistic about a 64 bit release at least in windows and hopefully vst3 as vst 2.4 are getting dropped slowly.

No way other softwares replaces AM's features set for me (I'm a max user also). Reliable audio engine, feedback, metasurface, simplicity and uncluttered interface make it brilliant to me. Done plenty of jams and AM never failed on me whatsoever.


Fingers crossed!