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I love AM sooo much I never want to use anything else :-p I'm struggling, however with a basic multi-track solution. Are there any examples/tutorials that you would recommend? I have quite a bit of experience using contraptions and automation, but mostly with pre-recorded bits. I checked out the 'BBMultitracker' and the 'MultiChan_IO+Recording' amh's but still do not understand how to record tracks while simultaneously playing other recorded tracks. The help file says that the *FileRecordes always record all sound files synchronised, but I can't seem to get them to play simultaneously whilst recording. Maybe an issue with my output monitor setup? Any help is appreciated!

Ross B.
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I think you can't do exactly what you are trying to do. The *FileRecorders are useful for recording a multi-channel version so that you can then mix it externally using a DAW but they don't support overdubbing of already-recorded tracks while playing back others (perhaps they could, but right now they don't).

I have two suggestions for workarounds.
- You should be able to synchronise playback accross multiple file players/recorders by automating their 'active' parameter to get them to start at the same time (but your mileage may vary).

- Some people use AudioMulch in conjunction with Reaper for this kind of thing, using Reaper's ReaRoute driver to move multitrack material between Reaper and AM.