Mulch won't recognize my VST's

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Visible Cow
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I'm not sure if there are people on here still but I thought I'd ask.


I'm having the hardest time getting Audiomulch to recognize my VST's. I've made a special folder for them and am using the 32-bit versions since it's my understanding that mulch doesn't support 64-bit. I can only get it to recognize Satin and my Valhalla completely ignores my Eventide Anthology, Voxengo and Izotope plug-ins. I could have sworn that I had them all working a year ago but now I just can't get them running.


Has anyone else had a similar issue?

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Hi  Visible

You are correct that it will not work with 64bit VST's

AM seems to be recognising all of my 32 bit VST's

I dont have the plugins you mentioned but if they are freeware or you know of any free VST;s that dont work in your system I would be happy to test them on my PC.



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Mulch works fine with all my 32 bit VSTs on Windows too. Well over 100, including plugs by Eventide, Voxengo and iZXotope.

Maybe try re-installing or making sure they really are the 32 bit versions? Some VSTs with fancy installers need more than just the .dll file in the same folfer, things like iZotope RX for sure.