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Hoping this is generally the right place for this question, and that it hasn't already been addressed on the mailing list...

I tend to write mulch tracks on my home desktop computer and perform them on my partner's bootcamped MacBook. Setting aside the legality of the issue for a moment, with Mulch 1.0 it was easy to install on either machine with the same license key.

With Mulch 2.0 it looks like there's a handshake process which (presumably?) means the license key is unique to that machine. Does this mean I would need to purchase two licenses?



chapelier fou
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I am also interested in the answer ...
(yeah! I wrote something in this new forum!)

Ross B.
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Hi Stuart

As you say, there are two issues here, one technical, one legal. The short answer is that what you want to do is both technically possible and legally allowable.

(1) Techical:

There was/is a handshaking process with 2.0 beta versions but this does not apply to release versions. From a technical standpoint an AudioMulch 2.0 licence key can be used as you describe. This is important if you want to install the same key on both a Mac OS and Windows (Bootcamp) partition of the same machine for example. It also supports the non-simultaneous personal use you describe.

(2) Legal:

From a legal point of view, the EULA for both version 1.0 and 2.0.0 states:

3. Single User Licences. Subject to the remaining provisions
of this agreement, you are licensed to install the Software
on one or more computers solely for your own personal use.
In the event that you simultaneously use the Software on two
or more computers, you must pay a licence fee and obtain a
Software Authorisation Key for each computer on which the
Software is installed. ... etc ...

The intent of the licence is that the non-simultaneous use you describe above is acceptable with a single licence key. Simultaneous use of AM on both computers by you would require a second licence, and if your partner was an AM user that would also require a second licence.

Note that the EULA which applies is the one which you agree to when you install, so you should read the installer EULA to understand the licence you are entering into. This forum post is not a replacement for the EULA. I am not a lawyer :-)

The EULA goes on to say:
The Licensor may in its discretion
negotiate a fee for a multi-user or network installation
licence. You should contact the licensor with your

So you can always email me privately to discuss other arrangements.

Best wishes


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Hi Ross,

Thanks for clarifying that. Mulch 2.0 procurement will commence forthwith.