Mulch 1.0 - Windows 7 - Can't hear any live audio (MIDI) with ASIO

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Hi all,

I used to use Mulch on Win XP and after a number of years off have decided to start writing music again. However after installing it on Windows 7 64 bit I can't seem to hear any audio using ASIO4ALL. Direct Sound and Windows Multimedia work fine but the latency is too much to bear.

I've set up my midi controller (CME UF5) through a MIDI-USB cable (CME U2MIDI V2) and after testing with a few VST synths, the signal is definitely working as the VU meter lights up when I hit keys etc, but I just can't hear it with ASIO. However, when I record what I'm playing with the record function on 'Sound Out' it will play back perfectly audible. There's simply no live sound.

With ASIO4ALL v.2 enabled, under Edit>Settings>AudioOutput when I look at the Channel Select it says nothing is connected (see )

I don't actually have a soundcard installed so I'm using the one built in to my motherboard. Is this the issue? Are some mo'bo's onboard sound incompatible with ASIO?  Do I need an actual sound card to hear ASIO audio? Thanks