midi clock generated by audiomulch routed to a VST inside audiomulch?

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Joined: December 3, 2013

I'm trying to use bick clock VST pluggin to know the real time of a song.

I need attack a midi clock to this VST to be sinchronized with the audiomulch MIDI clock.

I konw the way to send midi out to a slave hardware, also how receive midi from outside.

The question is how use the internal MIDI clock that creates audiomulch to send to a VST that is INSIDE a project?

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Make sure you connect the audio outputs of the Big Clock VSTi to the soundout contraption or else the plugin is not active. It works here (AudioMulch v2.2.4).

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A lot of VSTs have a "sync to host" option that automatically does it. If not, does it have a MIDI input connection on the upper right hand side? If it does, you can generate a clock via MIDIOut to an external device or IAC bus, then route the signal back to a MIDI input. Add the corresponding MIDI In contraption to your patch and connect it to the MIDI input of the VST.