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Just thought I'd comment that it appears that some VST contraptions need to be attached to a sink of some kind (e.g., an output like SoundOut) in order to function. I had been struggling for awhile trying to get an RTA to register activity. Then when I connected the RTA outputs (throughputs) to a dummy AuxOut contraption (i.e. not connected to a physical output device) I suddenly got life on the RTA.

Hopefully someday somewhere this helps someone...

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Yeah, AFAIK it's always been like that, with internal contraptions too. Not sure why, but agree it would be easier for something like an analyser if you could have it "hanging off" a chain without needing to have its output.s connected to anything. If I need to, I just connect it to an unused output to make it work.

Ross B.
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> Not sure why

So that contraptions that aren't connected (and hence don't make any sound) don't use any CPU.

In fact contraptions with no outputs *do* run all the time. So do some blessed built in contraptions such as file recorders.

But the assumption is that if a contraption has outputs then it needs to be connected to do something.

That's why. Maybe it needs to change somehow? Maybe an "always active" option somewhere.

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Ah, then that makes perfect sense Ross! But yeah, maybe option in the Settings for "All plugins connected to anything, always active" would be cool, for just such occasions where you want to "hang" an analyser/meter off the main chain.

Uncle GroOve
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So that is the reason I'm going crazy, trying to record my laptop's AU DLS synth? (MAC OSX 10.8)

I have monome / max sending notes to the internal synth and am trying to use soundflower to pipe the audio to AM.

But nothing here - I've tried soundin as well as auxin contraptions.

Any help is kindly appreciated...