Ideal Controller for AudioMulch?

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Dark Father
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Hi All!

New user here, I currently run AM with an M-Audio 25, but I am also running Reason, and I want to get a separate controller just for AM. Any suggestions for the "ideal" controller? I was looking at the Akai MPD32, seems like a good mix of features.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Hi there!

I'd suggest maybe waiting a bit if you want to map pads to FilePlayers. Mapping is a bit strange, but I think Ross has already taken this into consideration.
I have an MPD26 myself. Cool controller!

That said, a 32 is pretty good all around I reckon.

Ross B.
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Lume wrote:
> I'd suggest maybe waiting a bit if you want to map pads to FilePlayers. Mapping is a bit strange,
> but I think Ross has already taken this into consideration.

It is true that I am aware that there are some holes in AM's mapping system for this particular mapping case. And I do intend to improve this as a matter of priority. However at this stage it is not likely there will be a improvement in version 2.2.0 (since beta testing is more or less commencing, and that feature is not in there). My current tentative plan is to work on this for version 2.3. In the end I hope that all common controllers from the last 10 years are equally well supported.

A question for Dark Father might be what kind of mappings they are looking to achieve?

Dark Father
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I have a plan in mind but I'm actually getting out of my depth with the complexity of what I'm trying to accomplish. So much for "Keep it Simple, Stupid" Regardless...

I am a solo musician, for starters, playing experimental music. Here's my current gear:

Guitar w/ Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
M-Audio 25
MacBook Pro running Reason and Audio Mulch
Behringer X1204USB mixer to Behringer powered speakers

I plan on first adding an Akai MPD18 or 32 into the mix to control AM, with the M-Audio controlling Reason.

Here's the rub: I am trying to figure out the best way to get guitar and vocals/live sounds into AM for mulching, then out through USB to my mixer for amplification. I need ideas for:

1) An appropriate USB hub for the MIDI controllers to input into one of my USB ports (the other will be for output to the mixer)

2) The best way to get live sound into AM on two or more channels for mulching. I am having a hard time finding how other artists set up the hardware input side of live mulching. For example, there is a great video of live kitchen mulching on the AM page. How does he get his mics into AM?

Thanks for the help with my stupid Newbie questions,

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You need an external audio card if you wanna set-up mics for live recording/mangling. Or perhaps just a mixer that plugs into the Macbook.


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I am new to MIDI controllers, looking for a controller (maybe more like a knob box?) mostly to fade and control sine waves generators, I do not use a keybord.

The aim is also to adjust the controls manually, faster than using a mouse.

Is there any surface  control you could advise?

I work (pureData, Logic...) on macbook pro OSX 10.7, with saffire soundcard, and thinking to work with AM.

thank you

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Behringer's BCR2000 is pretty affordable and has a lot of knobs.


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Thank you for your answer Drilds,

I spent time looking at the specs of the BCR2000 and BCF2000, they sem to be a bit obscure and maybe will be limited for my usage (sure the price is attractive).

So, an IPad with osc? Maybe the Novation remote sl zero mkii (16 knobs, 8 faders)?

I precise my usage. I think to use Audiomulch instead of Pure Data (mostly because it seems easier to compose with the help of the timeline) to realize sound installations :

Many oscillators (we can say  6 to 32) are driven to separate tracks of my soundcard, then diffused by speakers.

I am looking for a control surface to adjust and change values of gain, fequencies, enveloppe.

My need is to be able to move between the speakers while adjusting sounds on the control surface.


thank you for your advices,


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I am using the Novation control zero ( mk I) and I am very happy with it.

It's plastic but I haven't had any trouble in 5 years of constant use.

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May a Lemur be a good solution?

It comes as hardware -


App (IPhone, IPad) -

You do not have the sensation of a real button on fingers, but it may be a good answer to create personnal control surface for each project.


Achille Benzo
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hello there,

I suggest a controller with assignable xy control  very useful for the metasurface,

i use Bitstream 3X with also LFO ARP Motion Sampler and XY assis control +

APC 40 that i use just to assign faders to control S8mixer contraption in AM.



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So, I had a look at Livid Instruments products, Doepfer Dehbank (disconitnued), Bitstream 3X, Novation control zero mk II.

I finally followed drlids adivce and bought a BCR2000. For my usage it seems to be the best compromise, a mix faders/knobs is always with less knobs, other machines have pads I do not need. Future options will be Lemur or Livid Code V2 or Elements I guess.

So I will try to give ou feedback on my experience with the BCR200, as a MIDI newbie, it may interste some people here.

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This thing looks cool:


But I can't work out if you can program it yourself. If so would maybe be great with Mulch?

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Hi ejuan,

Wondering how you're getting along with the BCR2000. Have you discovered the Yahoo BC2000 group yet?



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I use a Korg NanoKontrol in my live set-up, works a treat as a Mulch controller