How to save project with loops in livelooper?

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I made path ,record loops in to livelooper and I want to save this project for future.I there any option to save all loops as there was recorded with path , I want to open this project and play loops but they disapeer.


Ross B.
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Sorry, that's not possible with the LiveLooper. Live looper is intended for performance, not recording. It's like a looping delay pedal.. when you turn it off, the loops are gone. Although perhaps this is something that might change in the future.

If you want a recording application for something like this you're probably best to look at other programs.

-- Ross.

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I don't want to search for new software.My path is a combination of many looper's and I use guitars and keyboards to play live.Now I use Reaper software to capture all output from looper's via crossing audio input/output on my sound card but this is not comfortable (and use processor a lot).

Best option for Me will be to store separated wav files in looper when I save My project and after I reopen it they don't disappear and still be loaded into looper track as I record it.

Ross,please ,make my life more easy.


best wishes from Europe.

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try Mobius vst as a looper.
It is the most flexible and deep looper I have found in many years of use, coming from hardware loopers.
I use it since many years in AM and they love each other pretty solidly.

Ross B.
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> Ross,please ,make my life more easy.

Live looper is for building up a live performance. If you want something that records and keeps everything on disk you might want to consider moving to Ableton Live -- that's one of the things it does really well.

I'm not saying I won't implement this feature in the future. But just being honest that given all the other things on the list, and knowing what it will take to implement this feature, I don't think it will happen soon.


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best thing to do, if you want to save the loop, would be to export when you're happy with how it sounds. Either file > export, or save it from the SoundOut contraption.

If you're looping in sync with the clock-time, the benefit of doing it from the File menu is that you can sync it to clock time as well, so you can have a perfectly sized loop for you to mess around with elsewhere. IOtherwise it's not that much hassle to record it 'free-time' (ie not sync) with SoundOut, and chop it up using your wave editor program of choice, such as Audacity - this way round is probably easier as you can do it without ever having to stop the clock.

I really love LiveLooper too, and I'm always coming up with some interesting loops, so this is what I do.

hope that helps


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For me getting access to the looper's audio isn't related to Live*, it has more to do with wanting to re-mulch snippets of audio that I've already mulched. I find that working this way lets me grow a composition and let it evolve, but there are some ease of use issues that come up.

With the Loopers you can grab individual loops by setting up a file recorder. Thankfully, you can use an "insert after" and it automatically wires it up, but you do have to create a file for each slot and you can't reuse the setup by copying and pasting because the files will get overwritten.

A way to auto populate the file recorder slots with the document name or something and a number appended would ease this process.

Related to this is that once the file has been recorded I can drag it from the finder into any contraption that accepts files, but if I record more into the File Recorder the audio file in the contraption won't change. If AM reflected this by appending something along the lines of "temp" or "drum track 1-8" because even if I choose "save a copy with sound files" the audio loaded in the contraption is lost if you record more into the File Recorder.

Drag and drop from within AM from say the file recorder to the loop player to the bubble blower rather than the OS file system would be great and really help with the mulching!

*I'm actually not super into Live and trying to sell my copy. :)

Ross B.
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Yeah.. this kind of live sampling (recording in one contraption and then immediately using the sound in another) is definitely something I'm interested in developing. It's going to be a while before I can make it happen though.