how do YOU control AM in your live performances?

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Joined: July 20, 2009

hey everybody.

just wondering how everybody here does all their patch and preset changing during live sets?

do everybody here just use their mouse? i'm not a big fan of using one during a live show.
i'm more into controlling everything with external controllers. is anybody else working like this? how are people moving in and out of different movements and songs? how are people switching between different patches and presets on contraptions?

i'm interested in people's workflow and how the control AM during their performances. i can't seem to find a comfortable way to do this yet.

many thanks, louis.

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HI Louis; welcome.

When I last did a performance, I had created a 'set' in AM2 so I had all of my objects on screen, ready to go. From there, I mapped out my MIDI controller (Korg NanoKontrol) onto the important controls in AM2 and was good to go.

I like to have an idea of where my tracks are going to go (like playing a song in a band) but still have some freedom for jamming/improv. within the song.

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Im using a novation remote 37 and a midi guitar pedal to switch sections in and out etc. I'm playing guitar/didge etc so need a hands free approach - hence the pedal. The Novation is very good and not too big I sometimes play that with the headstock of the guitar...


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pretty much all of what I do consists of pre-made documents with samples and effects all lined-up and ready to cue. I'm controlling [i]everything[/i] through my KORG microKONTROL, or, more accurately, everything I know I'd want to fiddle around with during my songs. Oh, and of course document (song) switching is midi controlled.

I spose this isn't really the way that AudioMulch was intended to be used (more set up for improvisational work, i guess?) but it works for me!