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Joined: December 28, 2009

new to the audiomulch world, so thought i'd say hello. i downloaded AM after reading the review in Sound on Sound, because i was intrigued by the references to electro-acoustic music, and purchased it a few weeks later.

i'm still exploring the basics, as i've been away from music-making for a number of years. there's a lot to learn, but things are starting to get integrated. i just love the sound mangling AM does to my analog gear, so am enjoying that for a while. thanks, Ross.



Ross B.
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Hi drlids, welcome.

Thanks for the message. Do feel free to ask if you have any questions.


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I'm a new Audiomulch user as well. I was playing around with some of the existing projects (including the one with the metasurface) and was amazed. Lots of possibilities! Thanks for making such a very cool program.