Fast Track Ultra 8r m-audio

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I recently got a Fast Track Ultra 8r m-audio.
When in AM I am only seeing 2 channels as possible outputs. The device has many more.

Is this a windows (Using XP) setting or an AM ?

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Joined: February 26, 2013

Never mind I foind the setting in AM to get it going

Ross B.
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Yes, for future reference, on Windows:

Select menu: Edit > Settings... (F4)

Go to Audo Driver page

Change Driver type to ASIO

Select your audio interface in the Device drop down.

Unless multi-application device sharing is supported/required, make sure the "Open all channels" checkbox is checked.

Go to Audio Input and Audio Ouput pages and set up the desired mapping between AudioMulch contraptions and audio interface channels by selecting the Device and Left and Right channel numbers.