Creating Textures in AM2 - Help?

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Joined: June 23, 2009

I was playing with a file player and nebulizer effect (the effect version of the bubble blower) and created some nice textural sounds from a sample of some bells.

However, I don't really know what I did to achieve these results and can't get them back again (didn't save it! D'oh!).

Anyone got any tips on creating nice atmospheres/texture in AM2?

jet jaguar
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There are so many ways to create textures it's hard to say what to recommend.

As a general thing, I think it's fun to send your generator (e.g. fileplayer) to multiple fx and layer them up. So send one to a Nebulizer and set transpose range to max and min -1200, then send that to two different DLGranulators with different delay and feedback settings...

Get some EQs in the way of each of these individual outputs to filter out different frequency ranges...

Send any one of those outputs to an SSpat contraption with very low doppler, zero amplitude, high separation... basically a stereo chorus when you mix it back into the direct sound.


A completely different approach is to sequence up some stuff and export it or use File Recorders to capture the bits you want... export exact bar lengths, e.g. 8 bars, then pull them back as a LoopPlayer, switch on stretch and change bar length to 16 bars. Basically this just pitches the entire exported file down an octave. Copy and paste loop players and set them at powers of 2 to get diferent layered octaves - in above example 2 bars would be 4x normal speed, 4 bars 2x etc. Then you can apply fx to each of these layered loops to either distinguish or further unify the loops. A VST compressor might help with the latter.


I could go on and on, but I do really enjoy re-sampling stuff and bringing it back at octaves... would recommend that for a laugh. I also go nuts with SouthPoles to help separate out frequencies or to build and fade chunks...