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christian kuntner
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Hi there

I'm planning an interactive audio-installation.

Therefore I need to create 3 live-audio-delays of up to 2 minutes, each delay assigned to an output channel 1 thru 3. Could this be done with audiomulch ? Classic Feeding back the delay and mixing with the input signal would be nice as well.

In other words:

Open microphone, anybody can speak into it, walks away and can listen to himself at another place, approximately 2 minutes later. (plus 2 other delays, 2 minutes plus some seconds later...)

Everything has to run without pressing any buttons or other tecnical manipulation. Run and run and run....

If someone knows of another tool (hard or software) that can do it, please feel free to let me know...


Thanks for any help.


Ross B.
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Hi Christian,

I think that you can do what you want in AudioMulch, however right now there is no built-in delay contraption that can delay sound for 2 minutes. (It has been requested and it is on my mind to add such a contraption). So for now your options are to chain together 60 (!) SDelay contraptions which have an upper limit of 2 seconds of delay each (cut and paste should allow you to do this pretty quickly). Alternatively you could look for a VST plugin that can support 2 second delays. A quick google search turned up this thread:

Let me know if you need more info.